fifa 15 ultimate team coins Bite but don't teeth broken

Posted by nicole1990da on October 29th, 2014

When I had just been kicked, neymar legs at one point lost consciousness and later inspection report shows that wounds 2 cm, danger he faces paralysis.fifa 15 ultimate team coins X-ray and was rushed to the Hospital of San Carlos come to the final conclusion that: the lumbar section breaks. Although no injury to nerves, and does not require surgery, but you must stay in bed 4-6Weeks under a doctor's statement, main factors hindered the player on the pitch is the pain caused by the broken bone, Club doctor Santos was opened two painkillers. She was taken to hospital, Barcelona striker and even cry out in pain. Therefore, neymar put forward the "closed out" ideas, used to hand Ronaldo, Kaka and other major injuries and national team Chief team doctor Runco just gives a negative answer: no way, from a medical point of view, injections used for sports injuries, is to certain drug injection in sore spots, dry joint capsule and nerve parts, so as to effect of anti-inflammatory pain relievers. But it will not cure the injuries, and that can generate similar to the stimulant side effects. In the eyes of Runco, neymar, now if we consider the use of such therapies is tantamount to drinking poison, for much-needed rest in Brazil core, body allows the possibility of his finals debut is virtually nil South Africa after the World Cup, Kaka admitted in the case of symphysis pubis pain and knee injury did not heal, has been on holding the game on closed with stitches.

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