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American football, also called gridiron football in the United States and Canada, is an organized team sport played between two teams of eleven persons each. The game of football can be played on any natural surface including, but not limited to, an artificial turf or a swimming pool surface. Professional football matches are played in different venues such as the Superbowl, championship games and international tournaments. American football is played by individual players or teams and is generally competitive.The game of football has its origins in European football but is influenced by many other sports. American football owes its roots to the Association football of England and the game was made official in America when it was formed in Division II National Football League. The first official football tournament in America took place at Yale University in 1875 and it was called the Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (IAC) and is now known as the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The origin of the word "football" itself is related to the German language meaning "play" or "blood".The very first football game that America witnessed was the Association Football game or Association football of France. The game was very rudimentary by today's standards and there were very few rules regulating the actions of the players and there were very few uniforms except for the short shorts which were mostly worn by the defensive players. The game was very violent during those days and often ended with one team bleeding or even dying. This was due to the fact that the game was played with so little equipment that there was no way to stop a player once he was tackled.American football was altered by the formation of a National Football League (NFL) and the addition of a few more teams to the Association football leagues. The new competition forced the change in equipment that had been used for Association football and made the sport safer for players. This new football system used helmets as well as pads to protect the players from injury. The use of rubber gloves also reduced the amount of injuries that players suffered during the game. The first official football game took place on Thanksgiving night in 18isl, but the game has been played regularly ever since and is a staple of sporting events all over the world.Modern football equipment includes all of the protection and safety items that you would find on the field if you were playing in real life including the helmet, padding, cleats, pants, socks, helmet clips, goal posts and goal line, tarps and more. Some teams even play their games with the football using only their padded helmets for protection. However, many professional football teams play games using helmets that are not padded. When these players line up to take a snap off or during the regular season, they have a ball that is propelled forward using "kickbacks" to hit the field goal post or the goal post that is located beyond the offensive line.The National Football League or NFL was the first major professional league to hold a season-round game. The first match ever played between the United States Football League and the Canadian Football League was held in Chicago. The USFL held its first world cup game in 1970. A week later the United States Football League moved into the new NFL rules format. The world cup is still held each year. ทีเด็ดบอล7


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