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Posted by CesarMuler on October 29th, 2014

Anyone who wants to buy a laptop faces some age old problems – how much RAM? What processor to consider? What should be the hard drive space? And so on and so forth… The technology associated with computers moves at such dizzying pace that what is considered chic today becomes a utility tomorrow. When you consider purchasing a laptop, you will usually come across laptops Core i5 and Core 2 Duo laptops. It is possible that you face challenges in making your decision. Consider some basic points and you should find it easier to arrive at a decision.

This is the biggest question to be asked when you plan to buy a laptop. Why do you need it? Is it required for work or do you want to play those high-def video games on your laptop? Or do you need it more for home entertainment like music and movies? When you know the purpose, a lot of questions will be answered.

The size of a laptop does matter. If you are extremely mobile, you need a laptop that is lighter. A heavy laptop is difficult to carry.

Processor speed
This decision can be arrived at when you identify the purpose. This is when you should be able to choose between laptops Core i5 and Core 2 Duo laptops. And while you are deciding on the processor speed, don’t forget to think about the OS you want installed.

Although most laptops are competitively priced, you still see a difference in price depending upon the type of laptop you purchase. For instance, laptops Core i5 should be more expensive than Core 2 Duo laptops, other elements being kept constant.

Continuing with the budget part, there is one decision that can help you save a lot of cost on purchasing a laptop. And it is the decision whether to buy a new laptop or a refurbished one. New laptops are box packed and they command the price that is printed on the tags. Refurbished laptops, on the other hand, are way cheaper.

But does that mean that you compromise on the quality when you consider refurbished laptops? Not at all if you purchase from the right place. You can save a lot of money when you purchase laptops after going through Yelp and Craigslist and similar other sites. But these are not refurbished laptops. When you purchase from someone after contacting them through these websites, you need to trust them to make the purchase. And your trust can be easily broken and even the best laptops Core i5 and Core 2 Duo laptops can cause you a lot of issues. But not when you purchase refurbished laptops from a reputed seller.

Refurbished laptops Core i5 and Core 2 Duo laptops go through the strictest quality control tests and they are as good as new. You can buy a latest machine for an old price. And your laptop is covered under warranty. Buy from known sellers and you can get the best out of these refurbished machines.

Whether you purchase refurbished laptops Core i5 or Core 2 Duo laptops, the quality depends a lot on the seller.

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