x200s Lenovo or Dell e6400 latitude ? which one?s better?

Posted by CesarMuler on October 30th, 2014

Need a laptop that does great on road? Well, choices are enough but the question is how you go about selecting the one that will give you the kind of support you are expecting. And, considering the kind of features that are available with every model, it becomes all the more difficult to understand which one will be the best. In this article we have shortlisted two low budget laptops which are loaded with great features which will be able to meet your requirements. Let’s do a comparative study on x200s Lenovo and e6400 Latitude and then you can take your call on which should be the one that you should invest your hard earned money. Both look great and are packed with all the essentials. 

Operating System
There’s no confusion here. Both are offering Windows 7 Pro 64 bit operating system which has undoubtedly commendable storage, memory and back up features. Working on this OS can be smooth and hassle free. Business users mostly prefer to work on this operating system.

Both the x200s Lenovo and e6400 Latitude comes with a hard disk drive of 160 GB which is fair enough for any business usage. There is enough storage space which makes both these machines score good on this account.

If you want a more powerful RAM then you should go for x200s Lenovo which has a RAM of 2048 MB. This feature definitely gives the model from Lenovo an upper hand as the e6400 Latitude has a RAM of 2 GB. Now, if you need to work and process huge files at a super fast speed then the model from Lenovo would be a better option.

x200s Lenovo scores the brownie points in this as well with Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz low voltage processor. This makes it great as a road companion. Dell’s e6400 Latitude offers a processor of Core 2 Duo.

External features
Dell e6400 Latitude looks sleek and has a larger screen of 14.1 inches, magnesium alloy shell and excellent finish and all these makes this model more attractive to the eyes. x200s Lenovo gives you a 12.1 inches screen, a spill proof keyboard and a durable magnesium outer shell. Appearance wise, Dell makes for a much better picture than Lenovo’s model.

Taking into consideration all the above mentioned features you need to take the decision as to which laptop would be best suited for your purpose. You also need to remember your budget constraints which will definitely be one of the most important guiding factors in influencing your decision. There’s not much difference in the price of both the products. The x200s Lenovo scores better in performance and durability and on the other hand, Dell’s e6400 Latitude brings you good looks, good performance, great security and external features. So, what is more important for you? Speed, data storage, looks, durability, battery life or comfort – keep checking on all these quarters and see which laptop scores fair on both these accounts. This should help you in coming to a decision. 

Take a look at the features of x200s Lenovo and e6400 latitude and then decide which is the one you need.

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