Using Blazer Badges to their Fullest Potential

Posted by printdress on October 30th, 2014

A blazer is a type of jacket, which often makes it a bit confusing for people who hear about blazer badges for the first time they commonly think that these badges are only meant to be used on a blazer and don't suit anything else, while in fact this is not really true and blazer badges are far more universal in their application than you might imagine. In reality, you can achieve quite a lot through proper use of blazer badges, and you definitely won't have to limit yourself to using them on your jacket  you'll just have to figure out a combination that suits your looks most appropriately and of course pick the right badges as well.
Blazer badges come in all shapes and sizes, and are especially popular with fans of military clothing €" there are numerous designs cheap blazers for women that feature military logos and insignia out there, so you can generally very easily incorporate these into your appearance if you like to dress yourself in military clothing more than other clothing styles.
The first thing you should remember when you're shopping for blazer badges is that you'll not only have to pick the badges themselves carefully, but the clothes on which you'll be adding them as well  blazer badges are added in a way that often makes it impossible to remove them from your clothes without significantly damaging them, so it's wise to do it only when you're absolutely sure that you'd be happy with the final design and you won't consider removing the badges later on.
That's not to say that it's completely impossible to get rid of blazer badges without leaving a mark but you'll have to sew them onto the clothes in a very specific manner, in order to give yourself the opportunity to do that later on. Most importantly, you should take it easy on the stitches and spread them apart as much as possible while still keeping the design solid so that the badges don't end up falling off at some point. It can be tricky to pull off, especially when you're not very good with sewing but a professional can usually do this for you without much trouble.

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