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Posted by printdress on October 30th, 2014

Sweater, pullover, jersey or jumper can be defined as a knitted garment which is used to cover up the arms and torso of every individual to keep them warm, especially in cold climatic conditions. These are popular with women, men and children of different ages. It is mainly worn over blouse, shirt, T shirt or any other top, but at certain instances,cheap sweaters are worn next to skin. Previously, these were made out of premium quality wool but nowadays, Sweater Manufacturers are using other kinds of raw materials as well like synthetic fibers, cottons and also various other combined raw materials. Jumpers can be maintained by dry cleaning or washing and by using pill razor or lint roller.

The word sweater can be used to state any kind of knitted garments. Even though the term is used for referring pullover but now, these are also used to define cardigan which opens up and fastens down from the font. There are different designs available while dealing with quality sweaters. The necklines are available in different variations even though, V neck is the most popular choice among all. Other popular ones are crew neck and turtleneck.
Sweater Manufacturers produce these products in such a way that the waistline always remains at the hip height or in certain instances, a little bit longer which overlaps the waist of a skirt of a pant. The length may range from just below the bust of a woman's garment to even middle thigh length. When dealing with poncho shirt-dress, then the knitted variation can be a little bit longer. The length of the sleeves vary a lot and ranges from full length to three quarters or even over sizes like cap sleeves, short sleeves and sleeveless.

While talking about the front opening or seam, then one can find a lot of designs of a cardigan. Some of the noted examples are a bolero jacket or surplice. The hems have different types of beautiful borders like frills, picots or ribbing. The fabrics which are knitted are somewhat elastic and have softer drape or feel, when compared with those fabrics which are woven.

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