Making Your Children Feel Capable is Necessary to Enable Them Grow into Resilien

Posted by Tanya Sharma on January 30th, 2021

Why did Ferdinand Magellan take the risk of venturing the uncharted seas? Because he believed he could withstand the uncertainties the oceans offer. Why could Dashrath Manjhi carve a path through the hills with just a hammer and a chisel? Because he believed he could stay resilient through the challenges, the mountains will offer. At Yuvashakti Model School, one of the most prominent schools in Sector 3, Rohini, we firmly believe that there lies a Magellan or a Manjhi in every child. All that’s needed is to make them believe in their capabilities and talents, and that job can be best done by none other but the parents.

We, at Yuvashakti Model School, in our years of experience in mentoring the young minds, have seen that believing in one’s capabilities often empowers the individuals with a magnanimous potential to withstand all the adversities to achieve the goal. And the instances shared above establish this claim on firm grounds. However, to make children feel capable, it is vital that parents stand strong by their side and be the mirror on which the children could see the reflection of their inner potential, courage, abilities, and determination. On that note, we are sharing today some useful tips for parents on how to make the kids believe in their hidden capabilities.

Refrain from discouraging the kids when they fail

Failure in every way is the first step taken towards success. Without failure, there has never been a success story. Hence, do not disregard your kids when they score low or lose a race.  Instead, offer them a shelter to practice, rehearse, and hone the skills to be ready for the next challenge. If you place your faith in them regardless of the previous outcomes, they would learn to believe in themselves. This will help them stay tuned to their efforts instead of leaving the path in disappointment.

Teach them the value of challenges

A bed of roses can never help a person learn to cope with the hurdles of life, but challenges and adversities surely do. Teach your kids to face difficulties with courage and a positive attitude. This will instil the spirit of self-belief in them, which will help them grow into resilient individuals. If your kids keep running away from the challenges, they would never realize their hidden potential to overcome the topsy-turvy of life. Always remember the old saying, “boats are always safe at the harbor, but this is not what they are made for.” We would hence suggest you to be supportive through your child’s struggle periods but avoid safeguarding them against the odds all the time.

Instil problem-solving skills

At Yuvashakti Model School, one of the leading schools in Sector 3, Rohini, we strongly believe that instilling problem-solving skills in your little one can be an impactful way to help your child develop into a resilient person. Solving problems need a calm mind that can analyze a situation and it’s evens and odds to look for the best ways out. Children, who delve into this practice from an early age, become acquainted with the ways of dealing with challenging situations in life. These kids are seldom found to lose patience or feel directionless no matter what the circumstances are. With their success in solving the problems, they receive a certain feeling of self-reliance, which, in the future, will help them keep their logical thinking stable even during the times of turmoil. 

Deepen your bonding with your kids

Children growing up experiencing the warmth of care and love from parents always turn out to be more resilient, compassionate, and empathetic individuals. These kids grow optimistic and believe in the power of positive thinking. Hence, focus on establishing a warm relationship with your kids, and it will work as a great aid in the process of instilling self-belief in them.

At Yuvashakti Model School, we have always believed that the power of the mind can even exceed the capacity of the body. To make the mind agiler and resilient to all challenges, a child should be given the requisite training from an early age. If the kids are imparted the right guidance during the formative years, they are more likely to grow into determined individuals capable of handling and withstanding every odd. This has remained our key focus at Yuvashakti Model School in all these years of educating the children, and we pledge to keep doing so in the years to come.

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