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Errenzhuan is a kind of folk art involved story telling through singing and dancing between two performers. Being a form of duet, Errenzhuan is also known as bengbeng. Performed by a man and a woman with colorful clothes and a simple make-up, it shows a section of story in a humorous way. It is rated as the most popular entertainment in China, especially in northeast provinces.


Northeast Errenzhuan is a combination of yangko from the northeast provinces and lianhualao (Lotus Rhyme) deriving from Hebei. The dance is originated from farmers' dances done to celebrate the harvest by waving fans or silk handkerchiefs.

The First Show on Stage

In the April of 1953, Errenzhuan appeared on stage in the First Session of National Folk Music and Dance Assembly held in Beijing. Thereby, Errenzhuan achieved the recognition of circle of literature and art.

Singing Characteristics

Rooted in folk culture, Errenzhuan has rich rural characteristic that the lyrics are full of humor and vitality. Promoted by Zhao Benshan, the famous comedy master, Errenzhuan has been favored by more and more people. The presided instruments applied in Errenzhuan include suona horn and Pan-Hu. Four works are needed to fulfill an Errenzhuan, they are singing, speaking, making-up and dancing with the tools of handkerchief, fan, big board, jade board and so on.

Four Genres

In history, Errenzhuan were divided into four genres. The East Route was centered in Jilin, highlighting the color bar and martial art. The West Route was centered in Heishan County, stressing the plate head which was deeply influenced by lianhualao of Hebei. The South Route was centered in Yingkou, focusing on the combination of singing and dancing which has been affected by yangko. The North Route was center in Beidahuang, Heilongjiang, paying more attention to elegant singing influenced by local ballad.

Performing Forms

As a playlet popularized in northeast provinces, Errenzhuan doesn’t mean a turning between two performers. Generally, it can be divided into four categories, they are dan, shuang, qun and xi. “Dan” refers playing Errenzhuan alone or one performs multiple roles. “Shuang” is the real Errenzhuan which is played by two performers with dancing and singing. “Qun” is also known as “lachangxi”, referring performers dance or sing in a group. “Xi” is performed by a clown and a dan.

Where to See

As an indispensable entertainment during the trip in the northeast provinces, Errenzhuan can be appreciated in the Grand Peace Theatre in Changchun. The Grand Peace Theatre ranks the first among all the theaters perform Errenzhuan. Performed by professional actors, it attracts thousands of audiences from all directions.

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