How do I Make an LED Lighting Array Circuit?

Posted by wispuled on October 30th, 2014

How do I Make an LED Lighting Array Circuit?
LEDs are semiconductors optimized to produce light. They may be connected together to form an array. LEDs are sensitive to current and so, to control their exposure, they must be used with a resistor when placed inside a circuit. The size of the resistor needed may be found with the use of Ohm's Law. An array of LEDs may be connected in series, parallel or a combination of both. Series means that they share the same voltage but divide the current, while parallel means that they share the same current, but divide the voltage. For a series circuit, one resistor may be shared among all the LEDs, while for a parallel circuit, each LED must have its own resistor.
Instructions1Find the required minimum value for the current limiting resistor for one standard LED. Do this by using Ohm's Law, where the formula for a resistance is R = (Voltage Source -- LED Voltage) / LED current.
2Apply Ohm's Law to four 2.0 red LEDs connected in series, where the current is assumed to be 25 milliamps. The answer is R = (9 V -- (2 V + 2 V + 2 V + 2V)) / 0.025 A = 40 ohms. Since 47 ohms is the nearest greatest standard resistor value, use this instead.

3.Wire the four LEDs into a series circuit. Connect the battery holder to the breadboard. Using jumper wires, add the first LED so that its positive side is attached to the red or positive lead of the battery holder.
4Connect the negative side of the first LED to the positive side of the second LED. Add the other two LEDs the same way, where the positive side of one is connected to the negative side of the other.
5Attach the negative side of the fourth LED to the negative side or black lead of the battery holder. Place the battery into the holder, and the four LEDs will light up.

Tips & WarningsFor more variety, substitute a blinking LED for one of the regular ones.

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