How Windows 7 Home Premium Speed up your PC

Posted by charlessterling on October 30th, 2014

Windows 7 is a major release of Microsoft Corporation with different existing editions of Windows: Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate. Among these, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate are broadly available with retailers in markets. Here I am going to tell you how to speed up your PC.

Ways to speed up your Windows 7-

•    Disable all redundant services and install only required services/applications which are necessary to jog. Doing this will let your system use resources easily by speeding up your system performance and better than ever.

•    Reduce the number of startup items

MS-Config lets you to selectively halt startup items and take steps to improve your overall system performance.

•    Remove the bloat-ware installed by vendors

If your PC is delivered with a bunch of possessions that are useless according to you, then you must get rid of such applications. To enable this, you need to follow settings: Start menu-> Control Panel--Programs and Features and then remove redundant applications that are of no use. It helps make your PC start faster and execute better result on the whole.

•    Keep your system free from viruses and spywares.

It’s necessary to run an anti-malware program to keep your system free from viruses and spywares. It helps keep your system clean and optimal.

•    Keep an eye on system memory.

How much RAM do you have?
Is your system working properly?
Keep track of system page. If this is not working properly, then you must take some steps to rectify this error for massive performance hit that can be solved by adding extra memory to your PC to improve its routine tasks.

•    Go for Solid State

Using Solid State Drives lets your PC perform faster that reads your data quickly. Switching to SSD lets your Windows 7 system improve faster giving you a new user experience. SSD can be expensive; you need to be sentient about it before purchasing.

•    Keep a check on your power setting performance

While choosing Windows 7, be sure about its high performance power system that increases your system performance depending on the level of work you're performing.

•    Defragment your system for better performance speed
Disk defragmentation should be done once a week to make your system work better and faster. 

•    Disable/tune search indexing mode
You can tune into indexer to gather your specific needs and information by reducing its overall impact on system performance.

•    Use Ready Boost

Ready-Boost allows your system to make use of speedy storage devices as a cache simultaneously improving overall performance of your system. You need to have specific requirements to validate this feature:

•    256 MB RAM with 64 KB.
•    Minimum 2.5 MB/sec throughput for 4-KB random reads
•    1.75 MB/sec throughput for 1MB random writes.

Hope this blog will help you solve your purpose and problems.

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