The Salient Attributes of Different Types of Gate Valves

Posted by donghaevalve on October 30th, 2014

Gate valves are extensively used in many industrial sectors. You may call it a gate valve or sluice valve that is opened by lifting a rectangular and round gate from the path of fluid. The gate valves are mostly used to control a straight line of liquid to exercise minimum restriction to it. Due to their ability to precisely cut through liquid, these valves are mostly in demand. When you need to reduce the flow of liquid then the valve is partially closed so that liquid does not flow at full throttle. Gate valves are categorised according to the flow and density of fluid, the flow of which needs to be controlled. Here, we discuss three different types of valves and their salient attributes.

  • Slide gate valve
  • Knife gate valve
  • Adjustable orifice valve

Prior to going into the details, let’s present the name, Donghae Valve to you, which is renowned Korean-based company. Specialised in manufacturing different types of valves, the company engages skilful labour and superb technology to achieve excellent end-products that prove highly useful in various industrial sectors.

Follow the discussion to learn about the attributes of the three types of valves as listed above.

Slide gate valve- These types of valves are operated with the operation of hand wheels that eventually help to adjust the flow of materials. The idea is to control flow of liquid or other components from one equipment to that of the other. A slide gate valve enjoys the following attributes:

  • Owing to its precise and fast positioning, the slide gate valve ensures exact control or flow of components
  • The slide plate features on the guide rollers to bring in better performance
  • Designed particularly for high temperature and high pressure applications
  • Mainly used to shut off the continuous flow of production from the outlets of silos, beans, conveyors, etc.
  • Features adjustable seals that are able to prolong lifespan by minimizing the need of any kind of seal replacement

Knife gate valve- owing to its dimensional accuracy, the knife gate valves render excellent durability and wear-tear resistance. Also, known as slurry valves these are capable of high performance and controlling flow of slurry by cutting through dense liquid. Have a cursory glance at the attributes:

  • Manufactured out of durable raw materials making it resistant to heat and corrosion
  • Cuts smoothly any flowing media
  • Closes by dislodging the materials in seating area
  • Knife gate valves are extensively used for components like slurry, ash, and other kinds of products wherein impingement is almost impossible

Adjustable Orifice valve- This type of valve is needed in big cooling and heating systems, wherein these valves can ensure precise flow of measurements. These are cast iron valves that feature flanges helping in closing and opening at pre-set position. Here, take a look at its salient attributes:

  • Installed in pipes wherein the pressure is usually high
  • Ensures bubble shut off function
  • These valves come with flanged end

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