Apple Core 2 Duo for Mac lovers

Posted by CesarMuler on October 30th, 2014

Looking for a new laptop or refurbishing your old one with new features? You must be overwhelmed with horde of choices. Technology has given us the need to be updated and because of that we always look for upgrading our gadgets. The E6400 latitude is one such high performance laptop manufactured by Dell that should make it to your wish list. Apple Core 2 Duo MacBook is a major upgrade over its predecessors and is worth possessing.

Powered by the Windows 7 pro 64 bit operating system, E6400 latitude is integrated with a Core 2 Duo processor with a speed of 2.4GHz to provide you the ultimate experience. With 19 hours of battery life you can work practically all day. It provides an exclusive and optional 9-cell battery so that your laptop can last long. The Macbook Apple Core 2 Duo is 25 per cent faster than its previous version owing to Mac OS X 10.6 and processor. Both the system has a RAM of 2GB.

Apple Core 2 Duo Macbook core components are upgraded keeping the design same. It has a better 3D graphics system with Nvidia GeForce 320 M and a bigger battery of 63.5 WH. The polycarbonate plastic touchpad is less expensive and yet attractive at the same time. Despite that, the gadget has got thinner by an inch and weighs around 4.6 lbs. On the other hand, Dell E6400 latitude is an upgrade from the previous model Dell D630 with an SD slot and matte 14-inch screen that keeps the glare away from your eyes unlike the glossy screens. The best part in the revamped interiors is the keyboard which gives a smooth typing experience. Another keyboard feature worth mentioning is the backlight. It helps you to type with ease in poorly lit environment.

Dell E6400 latitude is a boon for users owning digital camera because of its SD slot. It has four USB ports, an Express card option and a FireWire port. It also has a range of hard drive options you can choose from. It can tackle a huge workload and not just web surfing and document processing. Apple Core 2 Duo has a chiclet keyboard which makes it very trendy. It has two USB ports, a headphone jack, Ethernet and a mini DisplayPort through which you can stream in both audios and videos. With a better battery life and high resolution graphics you can place your bet on it for an amazing gaming system.

Scratch resistant E6400 latitude is trendier and quite sturdy with magnesium alloy design. Possessing a brand new laptop is really matter of pride for anyone. However, if you are not able to make that investment at the moment and yet long for it, opting for the refurbished laptops would be a wise decision. Refurbished does not mean that you have to compromise. An A grade refurbished model of Apple Core 2 Duo looks nearly new with only a few minor blemishes or scratches. During refurbishing, the system is cleaned thoroughly and all faults are repaired and upgraded. There are many online stores which are proficient in refurbishing. Check them out online and go for it. Rest assured it would not be a wrong investment decision.

Dell E6400 latitude has a slim design. Apple Core 2 Duo gives you an amazing touchpad experience. Buy any one of them from a reputable online refurbishing store.

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