India’s first movement to create digital tyre shops: FLEECA CENTERS

Posted by Kline Mcmahon on January 31st, 2021

A tyre is the most essential, still a very underplayed element of the logistics industry. If you reflect on it, it is actually the tyres that keep the economy rolling! A tyre management services startup, Fleeca India Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur recognized the fact and worked to identify as well as address all the problems that drivers or transporters face, particularly about tyres. Vehicle breakdown on highways because of tyre issues is one such pertinent and prolonged problem in the industry. Ongoing of which, the tyre repair shops on the route enjoy a kind of monopoly. First, it gets challenging to locate the right repair shops on highways. Second, as the sector is very unorganized, there is no uniformity in prices; a tyre puncture may cost from 100 to 250 depending on multiple factors. Third and the significant one, such repair shops do not necessarily have proper tools and accessories to support tyre repair. Fourth, the amount to be paid to the repair shop owners has to be in cash, and at times, drivers produce fake bills for such repairs to fill in their pockets.
Filling this massive gap for quick, reliable and complete tyre repair services on highways, Fleeca came up with Fleeca centers. Fleeca centers are the existing tyre repair shops on the highways which have been updated about the services, tools, and technology and then bought onboard. Each onboard shop has been marked with the location on the Google Maps for smooth tracking. An app has been developed too through which transporters can quickly identify the nearest Fleeca centre from the point of vehicle breakdown, book the services, and pay the bill online. The transporters can now easily track the Enroute expenses on tyre repairs as well as can access the data of the same anytime.
“Reaching here wasn’t a smooth ride at all. First of all, the challenge was to train the repair shop owners to use the technology, both for better services and for accepting payments. Next, a test run was done with a close to 50 Fleeca centers across the Delhi-Mumbai highway. The experience was very enriching, and at the end of all hit and tries, we were ready with another useful service to offer,” CEO of Fleeca India Pvt Ltd. Currently, there are 300 + centers spread across all major highways of India. The team is continuously putting efforts to deliver more benefits to the transporters and drivers. The average distance between the two centers is approximately 30 km, which now they are targeting to bring down to 10 km by the end of 2020. For more details check out Tubeless Tyre In India.

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