Inter Milan Has recruiting Modric, Cazorla, Xavi, Pique - What Next for PSV Eind

Posted by ploykun on January 31st, 2021

One of the biggest topics in football today is the World Cup. Africa is bidding to host the football World Cup in 2021. The African football association has long called for an African football team to participate in the football World Cup. The team qualified ตาราง บอล ลีก วัน  for the qualification rounds of the World Cup. This means that they have qualified for the tournament even without winning any games. Is this fair to African football fans?

The following is a partial interview with Diego Maradona, the former coach of the Argentine football team, the Argentinian national team and the current coach of the Brazilian side, Brazil. The full interview can be found at the link below. It will give you an idea of his views on football and his views on how to improve the standard of football in Africa.

- The coach of PSV Eindhoven asked "Do you have a dream to play in the football world cup? ", to which Diego responded "I have always dreamed of being a football player, I hope one day it will happen". Cazorla then said, "If he (Diego Ribera) leaves I would be sad, but it is football and I love football". These comments seem to indicate that Cazorla does dream of playing in the football world cup with his national team.

These are only two of many interesting comments from Modric and Cazorla in this interview. There is no doubt that both are world class football players. It is just a shame that they will not be able to play in the competition for the title because of financial problems. They have both been linked with moves to move abroad in order to become international footballers, however as yet there has been no confirmation as to whether they will be allowed to leave the club. If they do leave this will come as quite a disappointment to football fans, however if they stay then I believe they will have a great future in football.

The real big stars of football in the world are Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Croatia. These footballing powers have built a firm war chest of football players in recent years and these players are now regarded as the cream of the crop in football. If you were to compare these footballing nations with Spain and Italy in the early nineties, you will find that Spain have spent a lot more on players than Italian and Croatia and this has been one of the main reasons why they have enjoyed such a successful footballing career. The recent signing of Brazilian right back Rui Paton from PSV Eindhoven and Croatian centre forward Vito Favalaj is another big boost for PSV Eindhoven and a player I think all football fans would recognise and like. These players represent the new generation of football stars, that are beginning to shape the sport we all love to watch.


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