Proper Maintenance of Cork Floor Tiles

Posted by articlelink01 on November 2nd, 2014

Maintenance is one of the critical day-to-day things that you must carry out with your cork floor tiles to guarantee them durability. The way you will do this matters a lot. Precisely, there are things that you can do and deliver positive results while others will deliver negative results. This article will discuss proper maintenance of cork tiles for flooring in light of the things to do and those not to do. You are supposed to make sure any spills of liquids or food materials on the tiles are wiped out soonest possible. This is for the simple reason that the more they stay unattended to the stronger the stains become and will be difficult to remove. They must be dealt with while still fresh.

You can damp mop the cork floor tiles sporadically to get rid of any dust and particles that settle on the floor with every passing day. In case of those hard particles that can dangerously cause scratches to the floor, you will be good to vacuum or sweep softly. It will be a safer way of having the tiles clean and still safeguard their quality as well as looks. As a preventive measure, consider having a mat placed at the entrance of the house and that will sieve any particles that come with human feet. A good mat should have high levels of breathability considering that it will be attracting heavy dust regularly. It should also not be too much into the inside of the house.

Cork floor tiles are under high dangers of damage from water in the kitchen and bathroom thus a rug should be on standby all the time to wipe out. The usage of water is more in these rooms than any other parts of the house and great attention must be directed there. Indentation of tiles occurs more often where furniture remains on the same position for a long time and this should be focused to the siting room and bedroom. To prevent that from happening, consider reorganizing your furniture from time to time. The curtains should remain drawn during the day to prevent the tiles from being exposed to sunlight which is an agent of fading. On the other end, the following are some of the things that you should avoid as far as maintenance of your cork floor tiles is concerned.

When mopping the floor, don’t use an excessively wet mop as water is not friendly to the tiles. For the mat you use at the entrance of the house, it should not be made of rubber because it absorbs a lot of moisture that can end up affecting the floor finish negatively.

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You should never have a second thought about maintenance of your cork floor tiles. That is the only sure way to guarantee their durability and should be done in the right way. Specifically, gym cork flooring requires being well maintained because it is always subjected to intense pressure during workouts.   

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