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Posted by sophiafranklin on November 3rd, 2014

 If you are losing hair rapidly than before, then there is no reason to panic as you are not the only one suffering from this universal problem. To deal with this problem hair transplant Melbourne have come up with a new solution. Before leaping into the treatment there is a need to look at the causes which might be the factors for losing hair. Some of the common reasons why people lose hair include side effects of drug, chronic disease, skin disease, disruption of hair growth cycle, genetics, hair treatments and styling or Trichotillomania. Choosing the right course becomes a lot easier, if you are able to pinpoint at the reason for the loss of hair. There is a need to consult a doctor as soon as possible, apart from introducing desirable fashion and lifestyle changes. There are some steps which needs to be followed for finding the appropriate hair transplant surgeon.

Generally, the most ideal way in finding hair transplant surgeon is through a referral either from general practitioner, dermatologist or from some other patient. Perhaps, choosing a hair transplant surgeon through aggressive marketing campaigns or through infomercials is the worst manner. After finding the perfect doctor which you may interested in, further research on the internet can be useful. First major step which needs to be considered while choosing hair transplant Australia is to verify doctor’s training and background. It is very useful to know about the doctor’s specialty prior to choosing hair transplant surgeon. Ideally, she or he should be board certified as plastic surgeon or dermatologist. If you find that any specific surgeon is not from the above mentioned fields, then you can ask them the reason why they have selected this hair restoration field.

The benefit for opting a dermatologist is that the resident training is based on surgical and medical treatment of disease of the hair, skin or nails hence they can diagnose accurately of your hair loss along with providing treatment options. Once you have made a decision to have a hair transplant, the next big decision is to opt between two surgical techniques. Hair transplant in Australia is carried either via individual follicular units using Follicular unit extraction (FUE) or through a thin, long strip via Follicular unit transplantation (FUT). There are disadvantages and advantages of each of these above mentioned treatments, hence it is necessary to understand both the techniques and discuss wit your doctor about the best suitable technique for you.

 A surgical procedure designed to transplant scalp hair to facial regions lacking fullness and density is commonly referred as facial hair transplantation. Beard transplant offices specialize in FUE surgery, but there are some clinics which also perform linear strip surgery. FUE technique is considered to be the most modern technique for hair restoration procedures in harvesting follicles for facial hair transplantation. Beard transplants, just as moustache, sideburn, goatee, or eyebrow transplants, are specialist procedures, hence, the outcomes highly dependent on the surgeon's skills. 

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