Mobile Rich Media Offers You the Best Platform for App Monetization

Posted by Aaeesha on November 3rd, 2014

With smartphones becoming so popular among the people, apps have also started becoming popular. It is actually because of the different varieties of apps that smartphones have started to get so common. These apps make the most out of the Smartphone and give it the proper functionality. These apps do all kinds of functions you need. The range varies and you have apps like alarms, calculators, SMS and chatting apps, e-commerce, ticket booking, mobile banking, social networking, internet browsing, maps, expense tracking, real time train and flight information, and a variety of other apps and games. Some of them are paid, while others are free. Many apps and games even have in app purchases to offer you additional functionality by paying a specified amount of money to buy it. Mobile rich media is an effective monetization strategy.

The free apps are available free of cost. So, how does the developers benefit from them? Well, that’s why you have mobile ads. Many companies work specifically for this purpose. They offer mobile rich media advertising opportunities for the apps to earn through them. There is a wide range of possibilities one can explore from these techniques. As they have started gaining popularity, a number of companies have started entering this field. They create an environment to display mobile ads on your devices within the app or game. These ads will never hinder the functionality of your app. They display interesting ads all the time, or as you program them to. The users have the option to lick on them and view the ad if they wish to. Clicking the ad will take them to the web page as redirected by the ad.

Using mobile ads SDK has greatly simplified the job of the developers. All the ad companies offer their own SDKs or Software Development Kernels. They can be directly integrated within your app. You can call the ads using the specific functions provided, as and when you wish. These SDKs are designed for every platform. You just need to download the relevant SDK for the platform you are developing for, and integrate within your app. They will work perfectly.

For the monetization part, you need to register your app on the ad company’s website and then get the mobile ads SDK integrated with your app. Each app will have a specific code or identifier, using which your user’s interaction is tracked. Based on the clicks you receive, you will receive revenue for your app. You could choose among the different ad companies available to choose the best one for your app and then use it. Ads are permitted in apps, and there is nothing wrong with using them. Actually, it is the best way or receiving revenue from your apps.

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