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Posted by crishmart on November 3rd, 2014

While planning to get married, the first thing that comes to mind is the kind of ring that you wish to give your future life partner. Most couples reserve a special place for the rings as they are a symbol of their love and commitment for each other.

A suitable wedding ring can easily fit within your budget. Conventional wedding bands are usually made of metals like platinum, white gold, pink gold or yellow gold. Rings made using these metals are quite expensive. Other options available today include tungsten carbide wedding rings, cobalt chrome rings, and titanium wedding rings.

The metal tungsten is usually combined with carbon before being used to make rings. Tungsten carbide wedding rings have an astonishing shine which is retained even after years of usage. These rings resemble titanium wedding rings in appearance. They have an edge over the ones made using other precious metals. Tungsten carbide wedding rings stand out due to their affordability and durability.

Titanium wedding rings are also quite popular nowadays. These rings are stylish, affordable and strong. These characteristics have made these rings a popular choice among women and even men as they come in many different varieties and styles. Unlike other metals used for making rings, titanium wedding rings are available in several colours. You can also have inlays of other precious metals along with stone setting to get a truly exclusive piece. These rings are meant to last a lifetime as the ring never gets scratched and the colour doesn’t fade.

Cobalt chrome ring is also a good option when it comes to wedding rings. These rings look very much like the platinum ones but are much more durable and available in several different designs, finishes and styles. Cobalt chrome rings are scratch resistant and can be worn regularly. They can be crafted beautifully and possess a lustrous shine which stays on forever making itideal for any wedding.Cobalt chrome rings have a tensile strength comparable to titanium. Also these rings have similar malleability to titanium but less than the tungsten carbide ones.

Wedding rings made using tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome or titanium retain their round shape even when worn regularly. However, rings made using tungsten carbide are not resizable although cobalt chrome ones can be resized but only when heated to very high temperatures. Therefore if in the future the size of your finger changes and the ring needs resizing, cobalt chrome ones would be able to adapt but not the ones made using tungsten carbide or tungsten, so choose wisely.

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