The Healing Power of Gospel Music

Posted by torresjames03 on November 3rd, 2014

God is one but not all of us subscribe to the same idea that very much surrounds his existence. Even the Christians possess different beliefs on the same God that they worship. Apparently, music is an art and soul of people’s heart and it certainly never fails to integrate people from different religions who believe in the sole power of music that creates wonders. The Gospel music is believed to move its listeners from core regardless of their different belief system altogether. So what you think is the secret healing power of gospel music that it very well manages to unite people from all over the globe?

A bit of Original Contemporary History           

You need to understand a bit of history on a modern day for Gospel music was originally derived and was called "negro spirituals" during their initial phase of development. Years ago, American slavers bought numbers of Africans to the US in order to work as laborers and particularly in the South area. As soon as the slave trade flourished, the demand and supply in labor boosted as well. The very first method slavers utilized was to keep a check on enslaved Africans was by religion. The slaves were supposed to attend worship service with their masters.

With this, the freshly converted slave started adopting the normally somber church hymns and began incorporating their native African music into the hymns. Considering their tribal music originated in Africa, they found a way to connect with the sacred wholeheartedly.

Uplift Your Spirits- Gospel Music Inspires Masses         

Most of the music that was derived and produced at that time mainly focused on overcoming adversities and enormous obstacles in life through God and music. As a core believer, you need to know that the healing power of music actually lies in the idea that God is actually looking out for them and that everything will be alright. Being a religious non-believer, one who listens to gospel music and understands its lyrics can understand that it talks about simple emotional uplifting and also transcending the obstacles in life.

Factually, The Gospel music is simply a potent carrier of not just religious ideas but also the political ideologies of Africans as well. It is also believed that the African slaves back then use to secretly communicate their messages for one another through the power of their gospel songs top heal their pain and uplift their spirits. 

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