The Promise of High Newsworthiness

Posted by Ashira on January 31st, 2021

We all have come to understand that the media is an essential part of our everyday lives. It informs, attracts and entertain us. Yet at the same time it also manipulates and controls the masses by publishing news items that their objective is to manipulate the public in their own way. They use various mediums including television, radio and print media to reach out to their target audience.

Examples of news items that are manipulated are the following: current events, political pundits, world affairs, sports, health, education, business, celebrity gossip and US news reports. Examples of newsworthy items are those factual reports, political pundits, world affairs, sports, health, education, business and US news stories. The media must have a strong obligation to maintain and control the integrity of facts. ข่าว ชาว บ้าน The media must be able to present both sides of the story with balance.

On the other hand, journalists have to adhere to the principles of timeliness, accuracy and fairness. They should not sensationalize or conceal relevant information. As much as possible, they must strive to maintain a high level of social media credibility so that it remains the trusted source of information for most people.

In order to maintain a higher news value, journalists should adhere to some basic tenets of good writing. First, a news article must not contain any misleading statements, misleading headlines or any statements that are self-serving. It is also unwise to exaggerate or glamorize. journalists need to write clearly and comprehensively without confusing the readers. Finally, a news article should not contain any gratuitous expositions of a product or service.

All these pillars of newsworthiness ensure a higher level of audience trust in the media. However, a story that is not significant enough to maintain its own newsworthy status may nonetheless be worthy of a spot on a news bulletin. Newsworthy stories are those that are in need of fresh insights and information. A well-written news article will give the audience an insight about a certain issue that is not being covered in the mass media. In such cases, a news report becomes a time-saving resource rather than being used merely to entertain.

The fact that journalists now write stories in this format is not a bad thing. This makes it easier for them to meet their audience's expectations and to maintain a higher newsworthiness. What is not a good idea is when journalists write an in depth feature on some hot topic and put it on a news page instead of a sports page. Readers won't enjoy reading about the latest technological advances unless they get a few facts and insights behind it. They won't appreciate it if you did that.




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