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Posted by ThomasKiriakou on November 3rd, 2014

Do you intend to play like a winner? Are you motivated about the sport you play and aim to reach your highest potential? Thomas Kiriakou Pro Training Program can help you to aim for the skies. Pro Training Programs at the TKSP are designed to help pro hockey players make use of their valuable off-season time to boost their strength, power, speed and agility. By attending this program you can make certain that you play the best game possible in the upcoming season and persistently improve season after season.

At TK Sports Performance Training, Thomas Kiriakou a Certified Sports Conditioning Coach and his team strives to offer their expertise with a personalized 3-phased training program that blends together with a custom sports and holistic based nutrition plan and professional coaching techniques which is specifically designed to address the particular needs as an elite player.

Pro Training Program is a detailed fitness evaluation, of the individual so that he can be prescribed the appropriate corrective exercises. These evaluations include:

  • Functional movement screen (FMS)
  • Examination for muscular imbalances
  • Checking for poor joint mobility responsible for impairing your performance
  • Comprehensive personalized 5-6 day workout program constructed to enhance the right skating technique for improved power, speed, swiftness and agility.

Moreover the program concentrates on faculties such as stride mechanics & skating competence, edge work, balance & strength, speed and lateral movement and much more. The experts offer massage and maintenance sessions which help the players recover to the optimum ability.

At Sports Training Toronto Academy Thomas Kiriakou designs customised sports nutrition and lifestyle assessment. With weekly performance and program examination the athletes can build their way towards non-stop progress. In addition they can opt for take-away maintenance program to perform consistently through the upcoming season.

The Performance Nutrition Program offered by TK Sports Performance Training is popular amongst elite athlete because they value the proper nutrition plan that compliments their efforts in the gym. Without a right nutrition based diet athlete can never reach their full potential and thus sports nutrition works as a fuel to the machine of body. By creating nutritional programs the team at TK help the athlete to realize their true physical potential and pave their way ahead in their chosen sport.

Last but not least Thomas Kiriakou provides a hockey conditioning program that is supportive to the efforts taken by athletes in their everyday workout sessions. This program helps the hockey players to evolve and enhance their game.

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