Bust your Myths with a Software Testing Course

Posted by GuduruKarthik on November 3rd, 2014

People who are into Software Testing can only understand its importance completely. Others underestimate its importance and competence.  Software code that is not properly tested carry high risks and ultimately leads to huge loss. Bookish knowledge will only hide the reality of Software testing from you. To drive away the myths and to get acquainted with the truths, it is advised to get trained in a Software Testing Course.

But before you join a Software Testing course, here is a small article which draws the line between Myths and Realities of Testing:

 1. Myth: Testing is too expensive.

Reality: It is said, for Testing – Pay less during the software development or more for its correction or maintenance. Testing when begun early can save time and money.

 2. Myth: Testing is time consuming.

Reality: Time consumed by Testing Phase is dependent on the number of bugs/errors found. The more the number of errors, the more will be the time consumed. However, if there are no bugs, testing completes within no time.

3. Myth: Testing cannot be started until the software/product is fully developed.

Reality: Iterative or incremental approach during the development may reduce the dependency of testing on the fully developed software.

4. Myth: Complete Testing is possible.

Reality: Wrong. It is possible to test all the paths, but still there might be scenarios which can occur only after deployment and testing these during the testing phase is impossible.

5. Myth: The tested software must be bug-free

Reality: There is no absolute certainty that a software application is 100 bug-free. There is a possibility of unanticipated scenarios, thereby resulting in bugs

6. Myth: Testers are responsible for defects that remain even after testing

Reality: Due to changing constraints like cost, time and requirements, bugs enter into the software. Even a test strategy can sometimes make the testers miss them.

7. Myth: Test Automation can be used any time to reduce time

Reality: The latter part of the myth that it reduces the time is true, but the former that Test Automation can be used anytime during software development is false. Test automation is used only when the code is stable.

8. Myth: Any one can test a Software application.

Reality: It is generally assumed that software testing is an easy job and can be done by anyone. But it is only a myth. It is almost impossible for an untrained person to explore the code for potential bugs. It is equally difficult for a developer to find errors in his own code

9. Myth: A tester's task is only to find bugs

Reality: Finding bugs is only a part of a tester’s job. Developing test cases, running them, inputting the needed resources, intervening the testing process in complex testing scenarios are some other jobs of tester.

The above Myths and Realities about Software Testing training might have inspired you to explore more about it. The main reason for people to believe more in myths than in the truths is lack of knowledge. Most of the graduate programs concentrate so much on software programming that they tend to ignore Testing, while the fact is that both Programming and Testing go hand in hand. To equip young graduates with hands-on practice many institutes are now offering full-fledged Software training courses.

These  Software training courses can land you in different companies at various designations. Though the most commonly heard position is Software Tester, there are other important jobs like Software Quality Assurance Engineer, and QA Analyst etc.

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