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Posted by jennycooper on November 4th, 2014

Looking for the adventure of your life in the heart of colorful Brazil? Searching for new emotions and exciting stories to tell your friends? Then, it’s time to meet the most popular Rio tour guide and start exploring the city in a different way! Forget all about traditional touristic guides, forget about everything you have heard until now and learn how to become a tourist from a professional Rio tour guide. Personalize your route around the city and adjust it to your personality! It’s all possible in the spectacular Rio!

If you still have troubles in finding your way in Rio, if it’s complicated to reach the most popular attractions of this amazing city, then it means it’s about time to look for a professional Rio tour guide. To plan a spectacular holiday in Rio de Janeiro doesn’t resume to booking a flight in time and a room in the fanciest hotel. According to any professional Rio tour guide what makes the difference is finding a fun, pleasant way to really explore the city.

Yes, touristic guides and maps might tell you where to go around the city. However, what they are missing is the spirit, the atmosphere, the subtitles that make Rio de Janeiro one of the most spectacular places on earth. So, if you want to leave out books and maps and really enjoy the beauties of the city, the next step is to contact the most experienced Rio tour guide and ask for a personalized guide of the city.

Very serious and highly reliable, this professional Rio tour guide will personalize each moment on the route according to your personality and preferences. For example, if you want to enjoy the gourmand Rio, if you want to experience the local cuisine than the agenda of the day will be decided according to these particularities.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of such a Rio tour guide is the full flexibility and openness. Basically, there is no strict schedule to follow: it’s all a matter of imagination! However, no matter how chaotic this may sound, it is important to know that this experienced Rio tour guide will include only interesting places to visit.

The good news is that the route can be organized for more than a few hours. Actually, it can include as many attractions as you want and decide when to stop and when to continue. To discover the wonders of Rio de Janeiro might sound like an impossible task but in the right company it will soon transform in the story of your life!

The next step: give him a call and request further details! Actually, maybe a phone call wouldn’t be such a bad idea! If you are planning to visit Rio de Janeiro, at least do it perfectly!

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