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Posted by ugfanfan on November 4th, 2014

Su Causeway is located in the charming West Lake scenic area. It is an achievement of Su Dongpo when he was a governor in Hangzhou in Southern Song Dynasty. He found the lake surface was dried up, so he petitioned to dig the lake in order to provide water to fish-raising, drinking, irrigation and transport. In memory of the great politician and poetry, people named it Su Causeway.

Spring Dawn at Su Causeway is the first site in West Lake scenic area for visitors to see. There are six arched stone bridges spanning the lake: Ripples Reflection Bridge, Locking Waves Bridge, Viewing Hill Bridge, Suppressing Dike Bridge, Eastern Lakeside Bridge, and Crossing Rainbow Bridge.

Enjoying a well-known reputation of the main scene of the Ten Scenes in West Lake, Spring Dawn at Su Causeway is a must-see for visitors to explore the grace of West Lake and enjoy the romantic Hangzhou travel.

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