How to Keep Heat Pump Working Well

Posted by rosekaren on November 4th, 2014

With fall going on currently, winters is not that far from us. During rainy season and winters, it can get really cold over here in Auckland. To bear the weather in every situation, having a well functioning HVAC or Heating ventilation and air conditioning system is more than essential. Every house, residential premises and office should have this system to ensure comfort of people present inside the building. Some of the people hire professionals to work on their HVAC systems in Auckland; however, others try to maintain it all by themselves, which can be tricky for you.

Heat pumps in Auckland are not used throughout the year due to the changing weather conditions. However, it does not mean that you should let the pump suffer when not in use. Try to keep them in perfect condition by following these tips:

-         Clean it even when not in use!

Often heat pumps are left unclean when they are not being used. Dirt, rubble, debris can affect the inner machinery along with the outer cover of the machine. When the heat pump is not being used, clean it once a week or twice a month. After cleaning it, cover it well to avoid dirt and dust.

-         Get it serviced every month!

You must hire professional services to get the heat pump serviced every month. This will prevent any type of damage that might occur when the pump has not been in use for a long time. It is a machine and they do start developing errors when not used for a long break.

-         Get minor damage repaired on time!

When there is a minor damage to the coil or any other part of the heat pump, get it repaired on time. This will help in preventing major damages costing a lot.

-         Use it well!

When you are using it, make sure to run the heat pump on right temperature and voltage to avoid damages to its inner system. They are meant to heat the premises but using them on high level for long can affect the heat pump machinery causing serious issue with it and the wiring.

While buying a heat pump, you can ask the dealer about simple methods to take care of the pump. Also, try to hire the best service professionals to check and repair the damages from time to time when the pump is not being used. Taking care of the machine is better than changing it every year.

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