Best Fashion Bags Shapes And Size To Go With Body Types

Posted by printdress on November 6th, 2014

Bags are one of the most important accessories that can make or break a woman's outfit. However, women probably do not give handbags the same attention much like they give consideration when they choose their dresses for certain occasions and the kind of shoes to go along with the dress. Nonetheless, choosing the bags that can go along with the dresses should always be considered by women because bags also help a lot when it comes to flattening body proportions and figures visually. Not only do these items accentuate a woman's sense of style, fashion bags also helps knock off some visual pounds.

In choosing the right handbags to go with body shapes, a woman must select a shape which is entirely opposite to her body type. For example, girls with tall and thin frames should go for rounded bags like hobos because it can make them look curvier. For those who are voluptuous and short, however, tall rectangular bags like clutches should be chosen to make them look taller. In other words, women with rounder figures should go for the more structured bags. This rule does not mean that hard framed totes are already enough but instead, square or rectangular silhouette fashion bags made with soft fabric or leather is best for short, rounded girls.

Some of the most popular shapes of handbags are totes, hobo, clutch, satchel, and baguette. Totes are characterized as bags with straps or handles with open tops while hobos are those with crescent shapes and are mostly used as shoulder bags. Clutches are more like purses which are handheld and are commonly tucked under the arm. Satchels are a larger version of the clutches while baguettes are shoulder bags which are long and round just like the baguette bread.

In choosing fashion bags, one must remember that even though the shape should be opposite to the body type to flatten bulk, the size should still be in proportion with the figure of the wearer. A six foot woman, for example, will not look good with a very small hand-held bag much the same as a petite girl's look will be overwhelmed if she carries a slouchy and enormous hobo bag.

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