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Posted by Defender School LLC on February 1st, 2021

Attentiveness and preparation key to reduce the risk of workplace violence

Shooter Response Training is one of the several proactive steps that prepare employees to respond appropriately to an active shooter incident.  Active Shooter Response Training is 20 min. that teaches civilians and private professionals how to prepare for and respond aptly to an active shooter incident at the workplace. The online course is mobile optimized and is accessible on laptops, tablets, and smart phones. This online training strengthens the organization’s emergency action plans and helps in reducing the risk of an incident happening.

Why active shooter incident do occurs?

Despite the fact that some of the active shooter incidents are unplanned and driven by emotions whereas most are preplanned. To understand the hazard, one has to be aware of the different types of workplace violence. The key reason to understand the different types of shooting incidents allows the better understanding of the crime from where does it takes steps from.

Active Shooter Response Preparedness Training Course For:

Shooter Response Training course has been designed to keep all ages in mind. If you have school-age children in your life then talk with your family and school management, ask about their planning and response. Discuss what you would do in an active shooter incident. Proper preparation makes you and your family much safer. The objective is to help lower the body reckoning by providing people with the latest life-saving awareness training.

Comprehensive Shooter Response Training Orlando

Shooter response training Florida provides to all responders- in public and private sector facilities with the nationally recognized procedure for personal safety, situational awareness, and active shooter incidents. The comprehensive shooter response training in Orlando is planned to prepare students and employees that how to react appropriately in such a situation- non-law enforcement personnel. The desired consequences and outcome of the training are to encourage people for decisive action to any rapidly unfolding life-threatening situation.

Active Shooter Response Training Florida covers including topics:

  • Behaviors that may possibly indicate prospective violence.
  • Different types of active shooter situations.
  • Preparing and responding to an active shooter condition.
  • Factors that contribute to workplace violence. 
  • To identify workplace violence threats.
  • The warning signs and profile of an active shooter.
  • Develop your situational awareness.
  • Responding to law enforcement on workplace violence.
  • Guidelines to prevent workplace gun violence.

What kind of training is helpful when confronting an active shooter? 

Some of the tactics used to distract the active shooter are the following:

  • Try to disrupt the focus of the shooter.
  • Try to interrupt the shooter from access any weapons in the vicinity.
  • Try to suspend the rhythm and momentum of the shooter.

Attitudes and thoughts regarding active shooter response appear to change after participation in a focused active shooter response training program. Defender School developed a safe workplace program as an included multi-layered strategy for protection against targeted violence. The solutions provided by our team are universal and always customized to address the unique priorities and operational concerns of our clients. 

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