Ice Age 4 Full Postponed

Posted by Falk Rytter on February 1st, 2021

When the German geophysicist Alfred Wegener wondered at the beginning of the 20th century how the continents known to us might have formed, one thing was definitely not on his mind: Scrat's irrepressible appetite for acorns. In "Ice Age 4 - Fully Postponed", a mishap of the paleontologically not verified saber-toothed squirrel, the undisputed audience favorite of the Ice Age animation series, has truly earth-shattering consequences. When trying to secure an object of his desire, the earth's crust breaks open, the unlucky raven and the acorn plunge into the depth. And while Scrat makes the earth's core rotate violently while hunting for the nut, on the surface the supercontinent Pangea begins to split into different parts with a great roar - this is the furious prelude to the third sequel to the popular "Ice Age" - Saga about mammoth Manni, sloth Sid and saber-toothed tiger Diego, which began in 2002. Even with their fourth screen appearance, which was directed by Michael Thurmeier and Steve Martino ("Horton hears a who!"), The three very different primeval comrades, whose patchwork herd has gradually grown, spread plenty of good humor with hair-raising antics than with the story knitted around them, which was already a weak point in the previous film "Ice Age 3 - The Dinosaurs Are Going". At the beginning the world is still fine for Sid, Manni and Diego. Well, at least halfway. Sid is happy about a surprising reunion with his biological family, but quickly realizes that the short visit only serves to put the quarrelsome grandma on him. Manni is still happy with his Ellie, but is constantly at odds with his teenage daughter Peaches, who revolts against the strict rules of her overprotective father. Diego, on the other hand, seems completely satisfied with his role as protector of the herd. But it is not spared the global shocks caused by Scrat. A crack in the earth suddenly opens up and separates Diego, Manni and Sid along with grandma from the rest of the company. Hit by a tidal wave, the four finally float on a floe in the sea - and try to find a way back to their own. On their dangerous odyssey they have to deal with a large, colorful pirate crew, among other things ... So far, all "Ice Age" films have found a large audience. The third part wanted to see around 8.7 million viewers in Germany alone. Those in charge will have asked themselves what kind of narrative experiments should be done. In fact, there is the odyssey of misfortune Quartet - from a purely story point of view - not much. The second storyline, in which Peaches falls in love with a dashing conspecific and jeopardizes her close friendship with a cute mole urchin named Louis, is also poorly worked out. And of course As in every "Ice Age" episode up to now, the topic of family is very important and verbose, although unlikely affinities are also linked. The filmmakers are only entering new narrative territory with regard to the theory of plate tectonics ... "Ice Age 4 - Fully Postponed" is definitely worth seeing despite the small narrative deficits. The animators at Blue Sky Studios have once again done a first-class job. When, for example, monster waves slosh, giant ice blocks break off and rock formations crumble or shift, it looks very impressive - especially in 3D. In general, the visual ingenuity of the creators seems to know hardly any limits. The imaginative pirate ship split off from an iceberg is just one example. But the many successful action sequences are by no means the main reason why the fun is not neglected As the real salt in the ice age soup proves once again the abundance of funny and bizarre ideas, which comforts the bad story. This includes, among other things, a pretty, albeit obvious allusion to Homer's epic "Odyssey", which the director -Duo Michael Thurmeier and Steve Martino skillfully involved in the plot. Keyword: sirens. Stream Movies Online free becomes problematic again with the figures. The main reason: There are just too many this time. They all provide amusement in their own way, but some of them are quickly forgotten. Mainly three of the newcomers stand out: the ape-like pirate boss Utan as the darkest and most terrifying figure in the "Ice Age" universe so far; the perky buccaneer Shira, who first makes life difficult for her conspecific Diego and then sweetens it romantically; finally, Sid's toothless Grandmother, even her adorable grandson, the one in the German

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