How To Choose The Loungefly Mini Backpack?

Posted by BrettSchneider on February 1st, 2021

It is based on two principles - the principle of moderation and the principle of comfort. Buy a backpack just as big, light or high quality as you need. And most importantly, try it to fit you.

Whether you get on a time explore by means of carefully spinning hills or even an extended exploration going across an ice shelve, knowing how to pick a Loungefly Backpack most suited to your excursion will make it considerably more enjoyable. There are myriad choices readily available and it could be a perplexing gathering, however getting it straight will make certain convenience as well as stability every day.

Choosing The Loungefly Mini Backpack?

     A. Basic floor

As with everything else, choosing a backpack starts with basic questions:

  • Who is the backpack for (man / woman / child)

  • How much do you need to pack (up to 30 liters / 30-50 liters / more than 50 liters)

  • How long do you go (1 day / a few days / week and more)

  • What activity will you run (casual wear / running / cycling / hiking / VHT…)

  • Under what conditions will you use it (in nice weather / in any weather / in extreme conditions)

Do you know the answer to all these questions? Then you can go to the selection itself.

Dividing backpacks

In order to make your selection as easy as possible, we sort backpacks in the e-shop according to several criteria.

  • by volume
  • according to use
  • by gender


     B. Selection by volume

The most common division of backpacks is by volume. We distinguish these types:

  • Small backpacks - up to 35 liters

It is suitable for shorter or less demanding activities, where it is not necessary, or where it is not even desirable, to carry a lot of equipment and clothes.

  • Medium backpacks - 35 to 55 liters

You can use them for shorter trips or "easy" trips. They are also suitable as an alternative to large backpacks for ladies or smaller figures.

  • Large backpacks - over 55 liters

You will appreciate their properties mainly during "difficult" crossings and long hikes. They usually have the most sophisticated back systems because they have to handle much larger volumes and loads.

     C. Selection according to use

According to the activity for which we can use the Loungefly mini backpack, we distinguish backpacks:

  • Hiking backpacks

Hiking backpacks are the most versatile. They are designed for one-day and multi-day tourist trips. But you will often meet them in cities as well. Sizes include everything from the smallest backpacks to large backpacks.

If you are going for a shorter or longer transition and you carry the backpack on your back, reach for the lightweight variant and really test whether the Loungefly mini backpack fits you. Realize that a backpack is just a cover for what's important inside. Comfort is important, because if you buy an unsuitable backpack, we guarantee that you will not enjoy the trip too much.

  • Expedition backpacks

Expedition backpacks are among the top in terms of quality and parameters. Backpacks are usually made of strong and durable materials, complemented by a lot of functional buckles and attachments, often ergonomically shaped. At the same time, however, it is necessary to count on a higher price.

  • Climbing, alpine and freeride backpacks

Climbing, alpine and freeride backpacks are usually about 40 liters with lots of holders for snowboards, skis, ice axes, helmets, ropes. These are often lightweight backpacks without a complicated back system.

  • Cycling and in-line backpacks

Cyklo and in-line backpacks are usually smaller backpacks up to 10–20 liters with a built-in water bag. Some are quite simple and very light, others have a sophisticated back system that guarantees ventilation of the back.

  • City and school backpacks

City and school backpacks are made in many shapes, colors and sizes. They pay particular attention to functionality and design. Most of them do not have a waist belt that you would not use much in the city anyway.

     D. Selection by gender

Last but not least, backpacks can also be sorted by gender into:

  • Unisex

Most backpacks on the market are called unisex. They are therefore suitable for both men and women. They do not take into account the specific gender needs and differences in body composition of men and women to such an extent.

  • Men's backpacks

They are specially designed and adapted to wider shoulders, taller figures and different chest shapes.

  • Women's backpacks

The manufacturer adapted women's backpacks to narrower shoulders and a different shape of the chest. He also thought of a shorter women's torso. Of course, the design and other colors are not forgotten.

  • Children's backpacks

They tend to have a childish look with bright colors and a playful design. They are designed to meet the needs of a smaller child and narrower shoulders. They often also have more reflective elements for higher safety.

How to pack a backpack properly?

We each have our favorite backpack packaging system. But there are a few rules on how to properly distribute the weight of a load that we should all follow.

  • Be sure to tighten all compression straps on the backpack. The content does not travel on your back and moves better in the field.

  • Heavy things should be packed up just below the backpack lid.

  • Pack important items (telephone, map, documents, first aid kit, emergency clothing, food, KáPéZetka…) in waterproof packaging (a plastic bag is sufficient). You never know when you'll end up in a creek :-)

  • When packing, do not forget that some things you will need in the evening or the next day, others on the contrary in a few hours.

  • Therefore, adapt the packaging procedure accordingly. Less needed things may be further from the inlets.

  • When you divide the tent package into poles, a tropic and a bedroom, you will make much better use of the backpack space and you can also work better with the center of gravity.

All the above factors will definitely influence the size and ability of your pack. Preferences as well as requirements are going to of course differ, however the beneath is actually a great recommendation aspect.

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