Fort Worth Family Law: Retaining Child Custody

Posted by alisonreid29 on November 6th, 2014

The contention of the modern age invariably leaves relationships strained. While you might want to spate from your partner, the kids are always held dear to the heart. More and more people are consulting Fort Worth family law experts to retain custody of their kids. That strange situation where you get back home to find that your partner has left the home with the kids is never pleasant to learn. On most of the cases, you invariable infer that your spouse has left the house with the kids. In such situations, all you need is a dependable Fort Worth family lawyer that takes care of the situation.

If any order pertaining the custody of children has not been passed by the court, both parents have equal rights on the kids. This is often where the other part of the game begins. If your partner has the children and will not let you meet them, you will have to wait for the court orders to obtain possession of the children. This often makes for lengthy court considerations and a prolonged estrangement from the children might be on the cards for you. Needless to mention, you will find services of a Fort Worth family law expert handy.

But you would definitely not want this to happen to your kids and here is what you can do. Go and pick up the kids from the school and have them with you before your partner shows up. Once done, there is absolutely nothing that your partner might do drive the kids away from you.

You might however be concerned about police intervention. Here it is handy to know that the police are generally reluctant to take legislative action in such cases, at least before the court orders are passed. There might however be a “welfare check” that the police conduct. Within this, they just see if the kids are all right in the house.

That said if the kids are with your partner, the police cannot forcibly bring them back to you. Here again you do not have many options other than to seek help from a good Fort Worth family lawyer.

 If you make up your mind to call CPS, it is best to identify the territory that you are stepping into right at the onset. CPS officials know the ins and outs of referrals and if there is a false report you will be in for some serious (and long) trouble. Aside, passing false CPS reports is a crime.

The safest bet for you here will be to take a family attorney into confidence. Child custody cases are always shrouded with uncertainty and before you blink the eye you could be in for a long standing courtroom battle. Every divorce case is different and so are cases that concern child custody. There are certain laws in place that can prevent your partner from hiding the child or disturb the child’s mental peace. With the help of a Fort Worth family law attorney you might also file for the custody of the child.

In need of a Fort Worth family law expert? Get in touch with a Fort Worth family lawyer today.

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