Military Challenge Coins Are a Mark of Pride for Every Owner

Posted by dunitzsantrino on November 7th, 2014

A challenge coin is nothing but a small coin or medallion, which is usually military. This coin is known to bear the insignia or the emblem of an organization. It is worn and carried by the member of the respective organization. These coins were actually given to prove the membership of an individual in an organization. It enhances the morale when challenged. These coins are also collected by the service members. These coins are usually presented to the individuals by the unit commanders. This is done as a way to recognize and honor any special achievement by a member of the unit. These coins may also be exchanged to recognize the visits to an organization. Each country is known to have its own set of unique coins, like the navy coins, Army challenge coins, air force coins, and even coins for marine, National Guard, coast guard, and so on.

The challenge coins give you an idea about where the person works, and even the position. Army challenge coins come in different shapes and size. These coins may be made of bronze, silver, gold, platinum, or even a mixture of all the different metals. They are usually found to have a round shape, but they can be triangular or oval as well. The coins bear the name of the organization. Some have a logo, and maybe even a slogan on them. Each coin is made for a special cause. As such, every coin has got its distinct features like shape and material. They have their own meaning and reason for being made and offered.

The Military challenge coins let you know the rank of a military officer. These coins depict the rank and also the unit that the officer represents. Navy challenge coins are offered to the cadets after they finish their training. After the air force officers complete any particular operation or successfully execute a mission, they are offered air force coins. These coins come in a number of different shapes and sizes. There is also a special one that is in the shape of an eagle. It is a mark of pride when the officers wear it on their shoulders.

The slogan, the date, and the name of the unit are usually shown on the Military challenge coins. The purpose of giving the coin may also be mentioned if it represents outstanding performance for any task. The coins are commonly known by a number of other names like collector coins, unit coins, and honor coins. These coins should not be treated casually, and due respect must be given. Some people even believe in collecting these coins and passing them to future generations in the military.

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