What does depression look like?

Posted by Abhijit Verma on February 1st, 2021

I have a little depression from my childhood days so it comes and goes from time to time.

Whenever something bad happens to me or someone hurts me, it only gets worse.

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Right now I’m going to be badly separated so it’s very hard to go through one day without crying or thinking about that humiliation and panic!

So to me, depression is:

When you don’t want to leave your bed all day! Even when I go out, it seems like everyone is looking at you thinking how stupid I was, how bad my self-esteem was. It could be people trying to show empathy, so you hide it and don't confront the people you know!
You stop eating or eat too little. Your appetite is gone! Even if you are a little hungry, after putting food in your mouth, you feel like vomiting! Sometimes you start eating emotionally to find peace with food but you fail!
When there is no sleep. I am so tired of those night of endless crying! Sometimes it's hard to find a place where you can cry with your heart!
Being a very organized person, it is difficult to deal with your strange room but there is nothing you can do, because you do not have the power to organize it a bit! You are disabled because of your emotional problems.
You feel no desire in your life. I don't know what action to take next minute.
When It's scary to see another morning. One day!
When nothing makes you happy. Even the black coffee was not so much needed!
Indulging in alcohol and 2 packets of cigarettes can also be a sign and awareness of the serious health risks I can give you! It's always like feeling empty!
After doing everything, I went to a nice place to get my dinner, buy some toys, nothing works!
There you can not stand even a little music or conversations!
Sometimes your heart hurts so much!
You feel the urge to end your life but you control yourself thinking about your father's face and the people around you!
Sometimes I have visions about my dreams. Sometimes a bad dream seems to never end. You get nervous!
A happy person can be very quiet because of depression!
May you stop even pursuing the things you love! For me, writing is such a hobby, it may be for this reason that I am unfamiliar with Quora these days!

I may sound insignificant now but I love being raw and being honest! This is also a part of life so be it! For me, spirituality helps build inner peace right now, some singing, some repetitive words, some amazing videos related to building your inner strength. I know I will get better soon. I know I have learned a lot so far. I know what injury means, so I can't hurt anyone! I also know that I will fight this battle and I will be a better person.

Adoption is the key! I accepted my situation and tried to let go of the bad.

I thank the whole universe and all the power for giving me great fighting power.

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