The Role and Function of Custom Software

Posted by PriyankPanchal in Computers on November 6th, 2014

Custom software also referred to as the bespoke software or tailormade software is a software that is specifically made or designed for a specific need of an organisation or user.  Many businesses have also embraced custom software solutions for their diverse operations. Custom software design has proven to be efficient in overall operation streamlining. Many opt to hire the servicers of custom software companies to help them run their businesses.

There are many roles and functions covered by the custom software and they vary according to the specific user needs they are custom made for. Here are some of the roles and functions of custom software and why every organisation needs one.

  • Since custom software is made for a specific customer it tends to meet that specific customer’s particular preferences and expectations. Custom software is designed with specific particular needs in mind. To offer specifically tailored software that meets exact needs for a specific organisation or business. The custom software may be designed in stage by stage processes that leave room for all hitches and possible dangers to be taken into account and fixed.
  • Custom software is used by some of the large companies to handle critical functions.They may include content management, inventory management, customer management, human resource management or even better still to fill the gaps left by the existing software packages. More often than not such software is developed offering the required functionality thus termed as very satisfying to the particular organisation.
  • Custom software enhances the coordination of business processes. A particular application offered in reference to specific needs through a central information centre boost communication the different departments of an organisation.  This results in efficient service delivery. The designers of the specific custom software always analyse the specific organisational needs and come up with software best customised for the firm.
  • Custom software allows for your company to update as well as manipulate content as required by using the web applications. This allows them to host new and accurate details on their website.  By offering the organisation a hand at a fresh and regularly updated inline presence the business will benefit by attracting new clients while retaining the old ones.
  • Custom software assists an organisation integrate their business functions.  The specific custom software for your company is designed to fit into your organisational processes without any hitches. The aim of having custom software for your company is to integrate the many functions performed by your staff within the organisation. Both the management and the employees get benefits from the custom mobile apps that are part of the custom software gains. Training your employees to get accustomed to the specific software is easy as they are already acquainted to what the processes are all about.

Some will actually get to notice that it is actually the employees who design the specific custom software for their organisation. Therefore, the organisation will not need to purchase a licence to operate the software since it owns the licence and rights of using the software. Surely, for any thriving business custom software is an added advantage.

About the Author:

This article is written by Priyank Panchal who is head of development at Schnell Solutions Limited.  He leads several teams of multi-skilled software developers which work with Schnell's customer around the globe on their IT transformation and modernisation initiatives including bespoke software applications.  He is also responsible for various services offered by Schnell viz. Bespoke Software Development and Consulting, Web and Mobile App Development, IT Audit and Ebase Xi. Prior to working with Schnell, Priyank has worked for a large multi-national organisation which specialises in Integration and Automation, and responsible for creating and delivering innovative web and service transformation projects across the globe.

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