Hardwood Flooring Options for your Consideration

Posted by articlelink01 on November 7th, 2014

You should consider buying hardwood flooring for your new or old house. It is well designed to suit such use so nothing should scare you away. There are three main types of floors made of hardwood to give you wide considerations once in the market. You are under obligation to consider all that in helping you choose a suitable one.

  • Solid wood flooring- this is the first of the major hardwood floors and has three other types under it. You can get any of the three in an either pre-finished or unfinished form depending on what you want to have for your needs satisfaction. Strip flooring has very thick and wide planks which of course vary while plank flooring is limited to only two thicknesses with widths varying. The third type of solid wood flooring is parquet flooring whose looks is a bit different from normal hardwoods and has geometrical patterns.
  • Engineered wood flooring- this type of flooring is manufactured through bringing together different layers of plastic laminate veneer and actual wood. That is its biggest difference with other floors because the wooden material used is actual and not an imitation. It will be a good choice to consider buying for all your hardwood flooring needs satisfaction. It is highly resistant to moisture thus will be an ideal choice for using with basement floors where flooding is common. Furthermore, they have no problems bonding with other materials like concrete which is an added benefit to enjoy.
  • Acrylic-impregnated wood flooring- this flooring is very attractive thanks to its infusion with color and sealant. You will be on point when you have chosen to use this flooring in a commercial building as compared to residential houses. That has to be clear in your mind when making choices not to get it wrong. Its durability is unquestioned as it can resist scratches and moisture in a very unique way.

Despite these marked out differences, you will be unable to tell which floor is which once fully installed to your house. Solid hardwood has for many years remained to be very popular with buyers but engineered flooring is covering much of that ground for the fact that its pricing is low. It is all upon you to make a well informed decision on which among these hardwood flooring options best suit use with your house. Have the following things in your mind when making the choice.

Know that out of the three options, solid hardwood is the most demanding thus should be least to consider if you don’t want something to bother you. Also, consider their different prices and as noted earlier, engineered flooring is proving to be cheaper of the three.

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