Boarding Schools vs. Private Day Schools

Posted by Bestboarding on November 7th, 2014

Between boarding schools and private day schools, which type of learning environment is better for a child's overall development? This has been long debated since the dwindling quality of education in most schools around the world. There are definite advantages and disadvantages of attending to both types of schools, but choosing the best school for your child should be a matter of weighing his or her needs, capacities, and preferences.

Parents are often drawn to the idea of a top notch boarding school with an all-encompassing environment that combines academics, socialization, sports, and other extracurricular activities in one place, where constant adult supervision is guaranteed. They believe that the smaller class sizes boarding schools provide will give their children greater opportunities for the intellectual development, thus better preparing them for the future. Parents are also attracted to the convenience of not having to chauffeur kids around to soccer practices and other extracurricular activities, and the fact that boarding schools open up more opportunities to expand their children's circle of friends. They are also convinced that learning and living away from home will help their kids become more mature and self-sufficient.

Children, on the other hand, are often not as enthusiastic, especially when they have been enjoying student life in their day school. They have reservations about leaving their friends behind and missing home life. They are also apprehensive about starting a new life in an unfamiliar place with strange faces. They are worried about adjusting to a new learning environment and getting to know new teachers and classmates, but they are open to the challenge. If this sound exactly like your child's situation, it would help sitting down with him or her and weighing the pros and cons of the two scenarios:

Day Schools:

•    Day schools cost less than boarding schools.
•    Parents can be more involved in their child's education on a daily basis.
•    The child can easily maintain relationships with local friends and family.
•    Parents can be more hands-on in guiding their children.
•    Daily transportation to and from school and various activities can be a hassle.
•    Uncontrolled off-school environment means greater distractions.

Boarding Schools:

•    Boarding schools have smaller class sizes, which mean more individual attention for each student.
•    More extensive course options are available, which means better opportunities for learning and taking on advanced classes.
•    Boarding schools offer more comprehensive resources, from libraries to athletic facilities, and more.
•    Boarding schools are more expensive than regular schools.
•    Living away from home can have positive and negative effects on children, especially very young ones.
Browse the net to get more information about boarding schools and private day schools. Choose the best school that suits your child more.

About the author:

This article is written by Margaret Kos, CEO of Best Boarding Schools Worldwide. Best Boarding Schools is a full-service educational service provider. They are guiding students and their families as they seek educational consulting advice to search for best international boarding schools. They contact the families with guardians all over the world.  They also offer finding the right tutoring services during the private boarding school placement and college admissions process.

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