What Are The Advantages Of Taking A Supplement?

Posted by LouisWillis on February 1st, 2021


Do you know the benefits of taking supplement? The subject raises many doubts for those who maintain a physical exercise routine. After all, should all the necessary nutrients really come from food or are supplements always welcome?

Whoever is in a training and physical exercise routine, certainly exposes their body to greater muscle damage, makes the internal organs work harder and, therefore, the need for supplementation is common.

If you want to know the benefits of taking a supplement, read this article to the end to understand it better.

Supplement X Food

Nowadays, in the way we live contemporary life, it is very difficult for someone to have access to 100% healthy food. However, for those who are able to follow a balanced diet, a diet full of macro and micronutrients is very positive.

The person gets a release of these substances for a longer period, because the absorption of nutrients is slower due to the digestion process.

When opting for supplementation, the practitioner of physical exercises has some advantages. The first is to know exactly how much of each nutrient he is ingesting. In food, even though we weigh food, it is difficult to quantify exactly the proteins that are entering the body.

The rapid absorption is another of the advantages of taking the supplement. Think of pre-workout times, one of the situations where quick absorption of nutrients is welcome and you don't want to train on a full stomach. In post-workout, you also get advantages due to the nutritional richness of the supplement, which you will normally ingest less volume compared to food.


The last of the main advantages of taking a supplement, perhaps, is the reason why most resort to the product: practicality. In a single glass, simple and quick to prepare, you will find all the necessary nutrients for that moment of training.

When should I take advantage of supplements?

I recommend that you see your doctor or nutritionist before making any changes to your diet. Supplementation, as the name implies, has the function of supplementing. Therefore, although it is used at certain times of the day, it must complete your nutritional need that cannot be met by food.

Nor does the use of supplements rule out the need for a rich and balanced diet, with good quality fats, proteins and other essential amino acids for life. The type of supplement varies depending on the exercises you practice, the frequency and other personal data.

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