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Posted by Swayam India on November 7th, 2014

It was fine roaming in a farmer’s market with plastic bags. Though they create a big nuisance, many people prefer them since they are readily available everywhere. No matter how much pain they cause to our hands or to which extent inconvenience is caused when the stuff is more to carry. Everyone is addicted to plastic though government has tried to ban it due to environmental concerns.

But many found no other cheaper option than plastics for carrying daily stuff. To wrap up the lunch box or to get some stuff from supermarket, they are nothing less popular than any celebrity. However, modern home makers have started taking seriously the alternative options.

Some were worried about their style statement while others have the guilt of ruining the air quality. Anyway opportunity for other options like canvas, jute, cotton etc has arrived finally. These are some fabrics suitable to be used as shopping alternatives. Among all of them jute is the most reliable and durable fabric. It is comfortable to carry, serve in long run, easy to care and most important cause no harm to our planet.

Jute has the rough surface so that a better grip user can have and avoid mishaps due to slipping. Then, these bags won’t leave you red faced by bursting or tearing into two parts in the mid of shopping. They offer more space for carrying any sort of stuff while plastics are unsafe to carry heavy or liquid stuff.

As per the studies, plastic is deteriorating our atmosphere by producing carbon dioxide, cancerous compounds on decomposition and interfering with the wild life. Many animals and marine life faces death just because of the hazard due to plastic. On the other hand, jute enriches soil in the process of biodegradation and helps to curb the carbon dioxide levels. Thus, it is not making just shopping convenient but saving the planet as well. Also, a huge energy is invested in the production of plastic which if could have saved can offer enough petrol for the vehicles. Whereas jute is the result of vegetation thus, not responsible for extinguishing limited mineral resources.

As far as one’s styling is concerned, plastics definitely don’t contribute anyhow to glam up the look. They are sheer transparent thin sheets which look dull and boring. If you talk about jute bags, they are coming in a variety of colors and shades. They have the refined grace to suit your personality. Moreover, they come with funny, inspirational and some cool catchphrases to make them more interesting.

If you have not noticed there is so much pain involved with plastic bags. They leaved our hands and fingers red within few hours of shopping itself. Jute totes come with sturdy handles to stop any kind of discomfort disturbing the user. Further, fabric remains unaffected with change in temperature or moisture content. When they become muddy over the time, a simple home wash can bring back their original charm.

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