Things to Remember When Selecting a Perfect Tax Advisor from London

Posted by Amit Gupta on February 1st, 2021

What are tax advisors in London, and why does your business need one? As the name implies, tax advisors are experts in UK tax codes and strategies. They use their knowledge to guide taxpayers and businesses on how to minimise their tax burden legally. Tax advisors also make sure that taxes are reported accurately and filed properly to prevent delays and fines later on. In other words, they are the persons you should seek professional help from, for all tax-related matters. You need one for your company to save money on taxes as well as ensure solid financial planning for its long-term viability.

How to ensure that you are hiring the right tax advisor in London? Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. A CA is different from an authorised agent.

Tax advisors in London can either be authorised agents or chartered accountants (CA). While both can give tax advising services, they are different from each other. Authorised Agents are specially trained for taxation work. Therefore, they can help businesses with any tax-related matters. CAs can also do these and more. They can provide you with a suite of financial services related to tax planning, accounting, auditing, and even disaster management planning.

To choose the right type of tax advisor, think about your business needs. If you just need to deal with taxes, then work with an authorised agent. But if you are interested in a broad range of accounting practices, then the CA option may be best.

2. Experience is extremely important.

Experience matters when choosing an authorised agent or a chartered accountant tax advisor in London. You want someone who isn’t only knowledgeable but also has years of experience in the field of tax advising. The ideal candidate will be an advisor who has handled many clients in the same industry where you belong and those who own businesses like yours.

3. Integrity and transparency also matter.

You will be handling the most confidential information about your business to your tax advisor, so make sure that this person can be fully trusted. If the advisor discusses all the costs and fees in the most professional and transparent manner, with no surprises, then that can be a good indication that you are hiring the right person.

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