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Posted by Swayam India on November 10th, 2014

A crowd in grocery’s market or the bags of metro travelers, plastic bag has just become an accessory for almost everyone. Main reason could be it’s free availability across various retail stores, dairy products outlet or a stationary centre. Almost everywhere products are covered in plastic before being offered to customers. Despite of many warnings by environmental department plastic is still in use.

It is adversely affecting the quality of air we breathe in. Moreover, there is a huge pain that our hands have to suffer while carrying bundles of plastic bags together. You don’t have the choice to carry any sort of stuff in it. Still if your dare to go for liquid then, chances are high in huge mess you are going to trap. Overall, there is a big need that Indian population starts looking for other shopping options.

One safe and convenient way to make shopping truly delightful is jute. A natural, pollution free and vegetable fiber, it is recommended by the experts in an attempt to make our earth green. Unlike plastic, it doesn’t contribute to toxic gas or cancerous compounds. No energy consumption is required to produce jute and can also be biodegraded completely. Hence, it won’t entangle with marine or wildlife keeping the biotic components of atmosphere secured.

Coming to the convenience of jute bags, they are handy and can be carried away anywhere. You are not going to feel any sort of shame as they come in colorful shades. With beautiful prints and phrases, you can even get a customized bag from the service provider. Its practicality is superior to plastic due to high stack strength. You are free to place solid or liquid articles in it. It can readily absorb moisture and have improved strength to bear more weight.

Further, rough surface of jute doesn’t allow the user to face slips or have loose grip. Moreover, it offers large space to accommodate goods. So, you need not to struggle with so many plastic bags in the market that sometime get entangled and make a knot. In the end, painful hands trouble you and you start hating the concept of shopping. Well, this is not the end about brilliance of jute totes.

As they are equipped with sturdy handles they are nowhere difficult to carry. You can carry them on any of your shoulders for long hours and still won’t found yourself in great trouble. However, to get all these benefits you need to spend some money. Yes, they are not free but the grace and functionality these bags possess is worth value. Many people have realized their importance in saving our planet and start using them enthusiastically.

Next important thing is they are durable and reusable. You need not to follow the concept of use and throw with them. They can be used again and again but still won’t lose their original charm. Just home based wash and maintenance is all required to keep the quality of jute intact. Thus, it avoids extra maintenance costs also. Some are accepting it for the sake of planet while other are concerned about their style quotient.

In any case, if you too have a desire to buy jute shopping bags online, then do visit Swayam India. They are durable, stylish and yet can be availed at decent prices from this online shopping portal. 

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