Who are Gallian Firm?

Posted by Digital_Zone on February 1st, 2021

Gallian Firm are Dallas criminal lawyers, helping fight your side of the case in court. The company work in a diverse range of criminal law and defence aspects, for example DWI, expunctions and nondisclosures, federal defence, assault, and burglary.

Gallian Firm are owned and operated by Gregg Gallian, a graduate of both St. Mary’s University School of Law and Texas A&M University, where he had initially gained his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.
Gallian himself has worked on hundreds of trials throughout his career, amounting an impressive number of withdrawals and dismissals.
Why choose Gallian Firm?
More than any other company, Gallian Firm go into detail with your case, studying each and every aspect and ensuring they know and understand the full details.
Gallian’s strategy is around building a tight and honest working relationship with his client, allowing the pair to work together seamlessly to create a winning argument. After all, his career depends very much on him winning his cases – and he’s more determined than anyone to do that.
Gallian’s own experience - demonstrated on the company’s website – speaks for itself, with a wide range of examples of different court wins that have contributed to many an innocent citizen having their case against them waved away.
Dallas DUI Attorney Services
Gallian Firm can also offer Dallas DUI attorney services, with one of their key specialities being DUI/DWI (Driving Under Influence/Driving While Intoxicated) cases.
DUI/DWI cases can be overturned on a number of factors – whether you are in fact guilty or not – such as whether the officer was properly educated in giving roadside sobriety tests, whether the test was carried out effectively, whether they can prove it was you driving, or even if the police had a reasonable suspicion to pull you over in the first place.
Most arrested on suspicion of DUI have never been arrested before – and it can be a very nerve-wracking and stressful time. By choosing an experienced, passionate Dallas DUI attorney to act on your behalf, you are already one step closer to winning the battle.
Federal-level convictions
Gallian Firm can also act as federal criminal defence attorneys, cases of which can be of a completely different complexity to those issued by the state.
In Texas, though most offenses are taken through state courts, there are a number that will be pursued by Federal Authorities – and these can be completely different.
Choosing a lawyer who understands federal criminal defence in this situation is of upmost importance, as they will be able to understand the ins and outs of how such convictions work and find the loopholes.
How successful have Gallian Firm been in previous case?
As mentioned before, managing attorney Gregg Gallian has received hundreds of dismissals and reductions on previous cases. A wide range of testimonials from previous clients can be found on their website.
How can I get in contact?
The firm can easily be reached via their website, www.galliandefencefirm.com, via email on appointments@galliandefencefirm.com, or by phone on 214.433.6303. The firm also run a regular blog with a number of useful articles going into detail on various topics.


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