Are Refurbished Mobile Phones Similar to New Mobile?

Posted by sprmwholesaler on November 11th, 2014

Buying a refurbished mobile phone makes sense if you want an upgraded phone at a more affordable price. To get the best value, consider the cost of the device and how it compares to a similar brand new device from its manufacturer. You should also look at the functions, capabilities, and warranty. Furthermore, you need to consider whether you are comfortable using used and refurbished goods.

What exactly is a Refurbished Phone?

A refurbished phone is a mobile phone that has been returned to its manufacturer or sold to a repair shop, then fixed or reset to its original factory settings. In all respects, a refurbished mobile phone should work like a new phone, but its quality will still depend on factors such as who refurbished the device and why it was refurbished. 


Why Mobile Phones are refurbished?

A mobile phone could be returned due to faulty hardware or because of problems with the programming and software. A mobile phone that has been repaired and refurbished by its manufacturer is likely be more reliable than when a phone that was fixed by a third-party entity. If you are buying refurbished mobile phones for your business, make sure that the distributor gets its phones from reputable sources. 


Users routinely upgrade their phones for several reasons. If they decide that they do not want their existing phone any more, they could discard it, sell it, or return it to the manufacturer. There are mobile phone service providers that allow customers to return their devices within a given period if they decide that they do not want it for some reason. Used phones cannot be resold and advertised as brand new, so they are refurbished instead. 

Used vs. Refurbished 

A used phone is different from a refurbished phone in many respects. For example, in a used phone, the entire previous owner's data are simply ‘erased.’ Refurbished mobile phones, on the other hand, have been reset and rigorously tested to guarantee that they work just like brand new phones.

To truly save money, make sure to buy a refurbished mobile phone from an established and reputable wholesaler that is known for its high-quality services and workmanship. Refurbished mobile phones should work perfectly fine with their factory settings restored, so you can use them without worrying about seeing traces of the previous owner's data. The best refurbished mobile phones look and function just like a brand new one, but are much less expensive.

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