All About The New Mutant Strain Of Covid-19 Virus

Posted by Jessica Allison on February 2nd, 2021

This entire last year has been a testing one. Most of us stayed indoors for the entirety of the duration in the anticipation that there will be a vaccine out soon and then things will go back to normal. Towards the end of the year, a vaccine was finally announced and people were elated. However, that feeling of happiness was short-lived. We woke up to the news that there was a new strain of coronavirus that was sweeping across England. It almost looked like no amount of air duct cleaning and disinfection was going to save us from the virus. However, let's not jump the gun before we know all the details. Here is everything we know about the new mutant strain of the Covid-19 virus.
The new strain of the Covid-19 virus has been termed VUI–202012/01, and according to the experts, it is said to be 70 percent more contagious than the one we had already been dealing with. The potency of the virus is so much that it has caused London and a few more parts of the UK to go under complete lockdown again. Along with the UK, countries like South Africa, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, and Italy have also reported the new strain.
The one good news amidst this chaos is that there is no sign that the vaccine is ineffective against the new strain. So the vaccination drive can continue as planned and people can hope to get inoculated against the virus soon. A lot of countries have temporarily suspended the arrival of citizens from the countries that have been dealing with the new strain of the virus. According to the experts, given the number of mutations of the strain, it should be a priority to understand it better and evaluate how to deal with it efficiently.
We will definitely get over this challenge as well. Until then, let's wear our face masks while outdoors, wash our hands regularly and carry out HVAC duct cleaning in Dubai from time to time so that we stay protected from the virus.

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