Gate Access Systems: The New Wave In Technology

Posted by faacgatesystems on November 12th, 2014

Gone are the days when gates had to be manually controlled and security was a major reason of concern. Today, technology has made major advancements even in the field of gate access systems, where gates are electronically controlled. These systems are specially designed for usage in different places like homes, factories, labs, etc.

There are several firms that offer state-of-the-art devices that manufacture devices that can work on gates of all types and all heights. These systems have the capability of support large columns installations and are highly durable. These types of gates are fitted with a high capacity motor and good quality armatures that facilitates closing and openings of the gates without making any noise. They also specialize in providing superior solutions in parking systems and CCTV surveillance.

Various types of Gates available at your Disposal:

The FAAC 402 cbc system makes use of a hydraulic operational technique that works on residential swing gates and is a great economical solution. This device has characteristics such as anti-crushing protection, manual operability in case of emergencies, weather-resistance, easy installation, and, corrosion proof coating enabling higher durability.

The FAAC 620 hydraulic barrier range can support up to 5m beam with an astonishing speed of 4 seconds. Available in stainless steel, it is weather-resistant, and, offers increased flexibility by virtue of a fully programmable control board.

The FAAC 750 is another absolute product which is made, keeping in mind the needs of its customers. The hydraulic operator used in this gate is designed mainly for underground installation. It is just because of the performance of this product, this can be used for the better performance on large gates. With this system, one can also install various options like gate-secure and gate-safe.

These gate openers are extremely durable and powerful. For most sites, underground installation is more convenient, this actually turns out to be less expensive in terms of maintenance. These gates come with a power back-up facility, which means they can be used from outside as well as inside.

Gate openers come with different sizes and shapes, which suits the gates of different types. All you can rely is on the quality of the product you buy. These gates have a system of automatic self-lubrication, which turns out to be a product that lasts for a long time. The self-lubrication system allows the gate to perform well. The opening and closing of the gate because smooth and fast. The application also comes with a hold function, which can be used to stop the gate at any time with just a push of a button. These gates are designed to be functioned using button and keypads.

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