Why should performance testing be continuous testing?

Posted by Lisa Williams on February 2nd, 2021

A software or an application can be considered successful based on its acceptance among its regular users. If users are satisfied with its usability and performance, the software has got it right. It also does not take much time for the software to attract occasional and potential users and transform them into regular ones. Software developers must keep the convenience factor of users in mind while conceptualizing and developing software. 

Many indices are available to measure the performance of the software. First of all, is the speed. Good software must be fast enough so that the user does not have to keep waiting to get a task done. Secondly, comes its smoothness. Good software must run and provide results continuously and consistently. Thirdly, its scalability. Good software must not fail if the user gives too many inputs to it. It must have the capability to queue all inputs and act upon them one by one. It should, however, act rapidly enough so that the user's attention is not lost. Then comes its longevity. The software must never fail to respond if used for a long time. It should have all the required features to keep it running all the time.

These desired characteristics can be ensured with performance testingIt is nothing but a form of testing that checks whether the software's performance is up to the mark. In most software development organizations, regular testers conduct testing after or during functional testing. However, nowadays, many software development organizations have started commissioning teams of performance testers. These testers dedicatedly test the performance indices of the software after or post functional testing. The software isn't deployed in production until and unless the performance testing team provides clearance. It is the key to the success of software available in the market.

It should always be kept in mind by the software testing process management that testing is not a one-time activity. It should be thought of as continuous testingIt is because, during functional testing, bugs might be discovered. Then, the development team might have to make some changes to the software. Even a small change might affect the performance of software positively and negatively. To ensure that the change does not bring down the quality of the software, the testing must be continuous.

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