Different descalers used for hardwater treatment

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Water with high mineral contents like magnesium and calcium has several damaging effects.  Hardwater not only reduce the efficiency of domestic heating appliances, but also provide a very bad impact on an individual’s skin and hair. Moreover, it also creates a lot of problems in cleaning processes.  It is for this reason, water descalers were introduced in order to eliminate or reduce the mineral contents available in the water to get rids of its negative impacts. 

There are several types of descalers available today. However, all descalers will not work efficiently on hardwater of all levels. It is therefore, essential to get deep insights on what these different types of softeners are in order to buy a system that will perfectly meet your needs.  Read on to get an idea about different types of descalers and how they work.

Magnetic water conditioner

Magnetic softener involves the use of several magnets that are strategically placed in different places of a metallic pipe wire.  This softener works same as electronic conditioner and very effective in controlling the limescale build-up   and removing the existing limescale inside the pipe, and softens the water as well.  Unlike electric softener, this type of softener uses magnetic field to alter the properties of scale producing minerals in water.  These treated scales lose the ability to adhere to one another and to the surface of boilers, kettle, pipes and other domestic boiling appliances.

Electric descaler

The electronic descaler also known as limescale inhibitors come with a small box of electronics and one or more coils wrapped all around the pipework. This system works by transmitting radio and audio frequency signals into the water through induction coils that wrapped all across the pipework. This restricts the formation of limscale, and reduces existing scale at the same time.  

Reverse Osmosis system

This is the most commonly used systems for domestic water treatment.  It removes magnesium and calcium ions from hardwater and offer pure, soft, clean and quality drinking water. The reverse osmosis or RO systems contain semi-permeable membrane which filters out impurities available in water. The membrane consist microscopic holes that allow only small molecules to pass and filter out large molecules at the same time.

Carbon resin filter

It is generally used in conjunction with an activated carbon filter. This type of filter utilizes ion exchange resin to remove the presence of hard minerals.

Descalers only reduce the contents of minerals available in the water.  So, choose a system that perfectly solves your hardwater problem.

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