Rings as a symbol of fashion or as a symbol of love

Posted by icelticrings on November 13th, 2014

Rings are worn by both men and women to give a fingers a rich look. Rings can make your hands look lovely and attractive. Usually rings are made out of gold or platinum. Some like it studded with diamonds, while others like it best with their birth stones.

Couples who plan to live a life of commitment usually choose to wear rings as the first sign of their commitment. The idea of getting engaged itself comes to our minds with the couple exchanging rings. Such is the importance of rings in the life of humans, who have changed a lot and has moved ahead in the world of technology, but still finds old traditions perfect even to this day.

Men and tungsten carbide rings

Fashion though has a major place in today’s world. A ring which was once considered as a woman’s piece of jewelry has now become a fashion symbol for tough men. Men are always considered rough and tough. For the tough guys out there, it is extremely essential to choose a metal that is tougher than them. tungsten carbide rings can be considered as a man’s best friend, as it is a real tough one that will not change its shape when men indulge in tough mechanical tasks. These rings are designed with the manly look that no man can resist at all. The perfect macho designs can make men look tough and strong.

Promise rings

When you promise your partner that you would be with them all through their life and love them with all your soul, you need a promise ring to prove it. promise rings are symbols of love, dedication, truthfulness and sincerity. Even though the world has moved ahead with the waves of technology, promises of marriage still remain the same. Giving your partner the best promise ring is truly a sign of love that everyone appreciates.

Knotwork rings

Rings with knotted designs are the ones fit for marriages. knotwork rings can be found in a variety of designs, though knots are the main attraction. Lovely knotwork rings can be found in platinum or gold to deck the fingers of ladies who love perfect at every step. Platinum or silver knotwork rings studded with fine diamonds are perfect for marriage ceremonies. Rings with knotworks are of different types. You will be able to find triangular knotworks in rings, which have somewhat sharp edges. Animal interlaced designs are perfect to represent a relationship between man and woman. With circular knots, we are given the idea of life cycles, eternity or unity. Square knots or shield knots are thought to be worn as a protection, which is actually a celtic idea.

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