Alfa ChemistryProvides Wide Choices of Pyridinium Ionic Liquids

Posted by Tylor on February 2nd, 2021

Pyridinium ionic liquids are widely applied in Diels-Alder reaction, Friedel-Crafts reaction, Suzuki reaction, Grignard Reaction as well as the synthesis of some pharmaceutical agents. To meet the growing needs for this type of chemicals, Alfa Chemistry recently announced to provide wide choices of pyridinium ionic liquids for clients both at home and abroad. Most of them are in stock and can be delivered to buyers within a few business days.

With the launching of pyridinium ionic liquids, now Alfa Chemistry’s product offerings of ionic liquids are further enriched, which encompasses ammonium ionic liquids, functionalized ionic liquids, imidazolium ionic liquids, morpholinium ionic liquids, phosphonium ionic liquids, piperidinium ionic liquids, pyrrolidinium ionic liquids, and more. These ionic liquids can be used in various fields of chemical research, such as chemical synthesis, separation and purification, and electrochemical research.

“Ionic liquids have opened up a field of research for the future of chemistry, electrochemistry, biology, physics, materials science and medicine,” says a spokesperson from Alfa Chemistry. “Pyridinium ionic liquids refers to ionic liquids that contain a pyridinium cation. Known for their unique features such as stability, reactivity and catalysis, they are widely used in organic synthesis for a  lot of reactions.”

The pyridinium ionic liquids provided by Alfa Chemistry can be applied in the following research areas:

The Diels-Alder reaction: Diels Alder reaction of anthracene 9-carbinol with N-ethylmaleimide can react in pyridinium-based ionic liquids, including 1-butyl-pyridinium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid, 1-butyl-3-pyridinium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid, and 1-butyl-4-methyl pyridinium tetrafluoroborate ionic liquid.

The Friedel-Crafts reaction: The pyridinium ionic liquid solvent inhibits the polymerization of acetylene, which results in improved atom economy and simpler extraction purification procedures, and provides an alternative to chlorinated organic solvents.

The Suzuki reaction: This pyridinium ionic liquid can be prepared from relatively inexpensive precursors, which provides a further impetus for manufacturing on a larger scale.

The Grignard Reaction: An alkylpyridine ionic liquid having an ether functional group can be used as a solvent for the Grignard reaction. When the reaction is carried out in pyridinium ionic liquid, the reactant aldehyde can be smoothly reduced to the corresponding primary alcohol.

The Pharmaceutical agent synthesis: The catalytic action of pyridinium-based ionic liquids has remarkable contribution in the synthesis of some pharmaceutical agents such as 1,4-dihydropyridine, dihydropyrimidinones and 3,5-bis(dodecyloxycarbonyl)-1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives.

All products are strictly QC assessed so that high quality is guaranteed. Technique documents such as COA are also provided. For more information about pyridinium ionic liquids at Alfa Chemistry, please visit the website:, or simply send an email to The team responds quickly to solve problems for each and every of its customers.

About Alfa Chemistry

Through years of efforts, Alfa Chemistry has become a trust-worthy supplier for major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and also a preferred partner for many universities and non-profit institutes. Now its product lines have been enlarged and optimized. Some newly emerging or rare chemicals that can be hardly found elsewhere are now available at Alfa Chemistry as well.

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