Top 5 Reasons to Hire Armed Security Guards in San Bernardino

Posted by Direct Guard Company on February 2nd, 2021

San Bernardino is a city in California famous for having the most iconic roads named Route 66, its history, and its natural beauty at the southern California mountain ranges. This city has a lot of attractions including nine national parks with almost 10,000 acres of land and some educational facilities like museums, performing art theatres, and points of interest. In addition to these facilities, it is one of the poorest cities as well with around 35% of people living under the poverty line.

With poverty comes higher crimes, as it is something that leads to high levels of stress and individuals end up committing robberies, theft, or another sort of crime to make their living. Moreover, the tourist attraction is also high in this city,  and keeping every person safe and secure is one of the responsibilities of the government. And, they should consider the armed guard services San Bernardino to hire armed security guards so that they can ensure everyone is safe. Their presence alone will keep the criminals away from the festivals, museums, performing arts theatre, and other such crowded places. Not only this, but there are many other reasons you should hire armed security guards in San Bernardino.

Armed Security Guards Deter Danger

The armed security guards are trained in such a way that they provide a visual discouragement to terrorists, criminals, or anyone who is trying to do something that might harm someone around. In such a historic and most attractive city, the number of individuals visiting such places is high so having armed security guards will prevent any unexpected events and regular crimes. So, having an armed security guard on-site can reduce the risk of crimes and other unwanted incidents as the criminals doing so will have to think twice before planning.

Armed Guards Offer Crowd Control

In most tourist attractions like festivals, museums, and parks - there are too many people at a single time. If there is a threat or a danger is identified, the chances are very high that people will panic and these panics amongst large crowds cause mass injuries. So, in such cases, an armed security guard can help in maintaining peace, ensure safety hence providing crowd control. These highly trained guards remain calm and controlled, which can help in easing the stress of other people.

Provide Faster Response Time

Incidents happen everywhere, even with the presence of armed security guards. If something unwanted happens, you need police to handle the situation. It takes around five to ten minutes for them to respond and a lot can happen in that five to ten minutes. Having armed security guards will respond immediately to any unwanted incident. In addition, most of these armed security guards have wireless radios with them and they stay in touch with each other every time. So even if the incident cannot be handled by one person, they can call for backup and it will arrive as fast as possible.

Their Presence Make Guests Feel Safe

Whether it is a business, tourist destination, or event, guest safety is and should be your number one priority. Individuals who visit such places expect to enjoy themselves safely and because of which they trust and have confidence in you most of the time. Having armed security guards at these places can prevent guests from bringing unauthorized items or weapons which further adds another level of security and safety to the guests.

Armed Guards Keep the Premises Under Surveillance

Lastly, the armed security guards not only patrol around the premises but also monitor security cameras, control room operations with the team and respond to incidents. In this way, it becomes easier for them to suspect the criminal or any wrongdoing on that premises and respond immediately. This will ensure that the environment, guests, and other people are safe and secure.  

For more than 10 years now, Direct Guard Security has been offering armed security services in San Bernardino and has been working with the government and other public authorities to help protect guests and provide them safety. From big corporations to startups and local businesses, DirectGuard Security has been providing highly-trained security guards of all types. 

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