Should You Shop for Kratom Strains by Their Color or Origin?

Posted by Happy Hippo on February 2nd, 2021

Have you been buying your kratom from a smoke shop, “head” shop, or gas station? If so, you may have heard a well-meaning clerk at one of these places say something like, “That’s a red kratom strain, so it’s best for relaxing.” While high-quality red kratom strains are often “slow” strains—those known for relaxation and soothing rather than energy—it’s not always the case. There are more accurate ways to find the right kratom for you.

Choose Kratom by Color?

Can you choose kratom by color? The short answer is no. There are virtually no colors of kratom leaves that can be strictly organized by their effect. Red kratom strains are often considered to be slow strains; white strains are often regarded as being “fast” or energy-enhancing. But it’s not quite the entire picture. There are several slow white kratom strains, and White Bali—a popular “moderate” strain—is known for offering a balance of fast energy and slow relaxation.

Choose Kratom by Strain Origin?

While not quite as unpredictable as color in establishing a strain’s effect, the strain origin of a kratom leaf can be unreliable, too. There are always some exceptions to consider. For instance, Maeng Da kratom strains are almost always considered to be “fast” strains. The Red Maeng Da kratom strain is no exception and is often sought out for its high-energy, low-jitters vibe. However, if you recall from above that red strains are often considered to be slow strains, you have a clear example of origin being more telling than color.

How the Choose Strains

If color and strain origin are not reliable indicators of a kratom strain’s effects, then what exactly is reliable? Rather than organizing kratom by color or strain origin, it’s most effective to organize strains by effect, such as slow, moderate, or fast. There is so much variation between the “speed” or effects of specific kratom leaves that broader categorization doesn’t really work.

Where to Choose Strains

If you’re a fan of kratom and want to fine-tune your strain selection, mixture, or rotation by its effects, you’ll probably want to steer clear of smoke shops and gas stations. The glass display cases offering special deals on “green kratom” might be stocked with products of unknown purity, safety, and quality. For reliability, find an online vendor who offers a variety of strains organized according to their speed. Happy Hippo organizes their wide selection of kratom by speed and provides a handy strain speed chart for easy reference.

About Happy Hippo

Happy Hippo was founded in 2013 by a team with a clear mission: to ensure that people everywhere have access to the purest, safest, highest-quality kratom available anywhere. So far, this mission has proven to be a success. In the past two years, their headquarters has expanded into a new warehouse and processing facility. Their new space is complete with a laboratory accredited by the American Kratom Association for manufacturing and processing kratom. However, this expansion has not changed Happy Hippo’s commitment to sourcing the highest-quality kratom from small Indonesian farms that exclusively harvest kratom from mature trees. The harvested kratom is then processed by Happy Hippo with a stringent sterilization process where it’s tested and retested. The Happy Hippo team not only stands by their kratom: They enjoy it themselves. Whether you’re looking for Red Maeng Da, White Bali, Green Malay, or any other of the many available varieties of kratom, be sure to buy kratom capsules or kratom powder online from Puddles, the Happy Hippo!

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