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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 27th, 2010

Have you seen Mystery's the Pick Up Artist aired on VH1? I've seen that episode and wanted to share with you guys my predictions.

What I liked:

1. The Students. Generally, I love the pick-up students because they're always so eager to learn, share a common interest with me, and so grateful for even the small of improvement they make. Students are hands down the #1 reason why I do what I do.

2. Ridiculous Outfits of Mystery. No one can peacock like mystery, hands down. And the shows budget really allows for some fancy stuff. I dig it. Peacocking that hard is actually quite a challenge. Don't believe me? Go to your local lair and look at all the guys who try it and get it wrong. It's a trainwreck.

3. The Challenges. It was fun, entertaining and creative. Winner of one contest gets to walk around with a cute puppy in the next. Hillarious.

What I didn't like:

Mystery is so attached to his structured method that he has not anymore aware why there some of his students fail... He got a blind spot on seeing that. "Yeah he should have used a false time constraint". How about his lame body language, complete lack of masculine vibe and messed up compliance ratios?

Isn't it tiring using a 4 year old material like a non-sensual conversation that goes NOWHERE! Yeah you bet! Sure you can get the girl to answer your question, but I don't see a PROGRESS with it. Instead of teaching the guys memorizing routines and lines, why not make them powerful, masculine and effective?

J-Dog's hair. I don't think I need to go into this. Looks like the poor dude passed out on a park bench in the middle of a graffiti contest. While there were certainly things about this show that bug the working pick up artist in me, I have to hand it to Mystery and VH1 for presenting the community in a good light to a mainstream audience.

Out of the four dudes left, here's some predictions:

Alvaro: This guy COULD become a master pua, but not in a few weeks, and not under Mystery's tuleage. He's got that "inner flame" that drives him to excel at different things, but he's going to need to really work to get consistent, and kill his approach anxiety and fear. He's still got the brakes on. The minute he gets past that, his game will explode.

Brady: Tall, good looking, fast learner. He's chill, makes steady progress. His use of corny material, and constant second guessing of himself is what's holding himself back. If he just chills out and acts NORMAL he'll be on fire. Again though, like joe, will probably become complacent at a certain level.

Joe: I think he has got the serious potential in the show. He got the attitude down, but he's the type that will get a certain level of success and become complacent. He'll get a girlfriend and develop his social circle and work off that. Not TRUE master pua material. I just don't see the kind of passion/drive that would carry him to Master PUAdom. He may do well on the show, however, just due to the lack of competition.

Pradeep: He could be a master pua, but he has to seriously increase his sexuality appeal. He's still in the friend zone. Doesn't matter if he got that chick's number on the show because that was FRIENDLY number close. He's interesting but... too interesting. It's giving the woman something to be attracted to, but those things are too exterior to get that deep physical attraction that a pua needs to do fast pulls, sensual selection switching, multiple relationship stuff, etc...

Overall, the show is super entertaining and I'll definitely be trying to catch another episode if I can.

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